Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Mater Dei Saga: Day 2

Last night, I lost count how many times I woke up throughout the night. Morgan stayed fever free thankfully.

This morning, the dude who had hogged all chairs and footstools in the room saw how uncomfortably huddled up in a quasi-fetal position I was in on the Abominable Blue Reclining Armchair, and seemed to feel guilty about it as he gave me my footstool.

A she-doc came by and visited Morgan. She said that test results so far were strange as the dipstick done at the Pediatric Emergency Room has shown signs of an infection due to protein existing in the urine sample, as well as the high white blood cell count.

However, when they examined the sample under the microscope there was no sign of pus or infection.

Now we will have to wait for the cultures to be finalised and see what the results come back as.

Throughout the day, our roomies changed. Instead of the 5 year old boy whose bed is opposite ours, came a young baby boy who cries constantly. Instead of the 10-ish year old girl with snob parents whose dad was the furniture-hogger, a boy of around 7 yrs of age showed up.

The bed next to ours was empty last night, but is now occupied by NOISY LOUD PEOPLE. The patient is a boy of also about 7yrs of age, and at 7:23pm, his mum, grandma and Gods know what other relatives, are still here BEING LOUD FUCKS. Sorry, I couldn't find a better description for them.

I play nice. Before I went to the common bathroom with Morgan to wash her, I asked them if anyone needed to use the toilet so as not to create inconveniences. Then I asked if it was ok to turn off the uber-bright light that lights up the whole room for Morgan to fall asleep. Each bed has an individual light which can be used so as not to disturb the other roomies.

Not even 10 minutes later they asked me to let them know when Morgan sleeps so that they turn on the bright light again.

Each bed has a tv - all tvs are on. All roomies are loud (the quietest being the furniture-hogger's replacement people). I am hoping they leave hospital before we do cos I can't see us living a week or so with these noisy people.

Johan came over to bring us supplies and spend some time with us before work. I called my workplace to let them know I needed to be with Morgan still.

Other than that, not much happened. My aunt came by with some more supplies for us.

Morgan ate a fair bit thankfully.

Now I'm off to try and chill a bit before Morgan gets woken up AGAIN.
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