Saturday, 31 March 2012

Come my little friends as we all sing a happy little working song

Morgan woke me up with backfists flying in my face this morning. The moment I woke up properly, she went back to sleep.  I suppose she is working on becoming a pain in the arse - just like her mum!

Once up, I cleaned her  up and fed her, then napped a bit more.  Woke up a couple of hours later or so, and started cleaning the bedroom furniture I got her. Man - the layer of dust is impressive on them pieces of furniture! By the time I'm done scrubbing them clean I'll have HUGE biceps! Eventually, Morgan woke up again, and so I fed her and cleaned her up again.  When she went back to sleep, I managed to sketch the Green Man's face on the top of the wooden panel in which the dressing table's mirror is set.  These guidelines were awesome!  I doodled it in white pencil so that once I paint it, I won't have issues rubbing it off.

My mum came over and helped me try to figure out the washing machine - alas, a pro needs to have a look at it.  Told the landlady and she said she'll contact the tech dude.  Hopefully it won't be long before he comes over to check it out.  I pretty much am screwed without it.

Morgan was even more smiley today. There were times when she just looked at me and smiled without me saying a word to her.  It is comforting to think that she knows that I love her and that she's happy with what I do with her.  That smile can light up even the crappiest and gloomiest of  days.

Before she left, my mum and I bathed Morgan and fed her.  I managed to clean up the furniture a bit more as well.

Morgan and I then watched Ella Enchanted - which, as cheesy as it may seem, I actually really like.  She spent the evening pretty much sleeping in my arms the whole time - except when she woke up to be fed and cleaned up.

When I put her to bed tonight, I read to her a couple of pages out of The Neverending Story again until she slept.

Goodnighty world!
Once asleep, I put away some more of her clothes, grabbed a bite, and tried to find a book of mine with no luck. A book I own two copies of... Ah well. It will turn up, I'm sure.

I'll be leaving you with a video clip of Morgan playing with Emily The Doll.


29 March 2012

Friday, 30 March 2012

And I say Thank You for the music.

The furniture was delivered yesterday morning! I'm pretty stoked! I found out that the chest of drawers and the dressing table both have marble tops. This, to me, is awesome. I looked up some info about stripping paint off wood and it sounds more complicated than I thought it would be. Therefore, I may very well leave it as it is, and just add some designs on it myself. The wooden panels in which the mirrors are installed are my premeditated victims.

Morgan and I watched Practical Magic - and miraculously managed to watch all of it without any interruptions! She will grow sick of watching it, I assure you. Ah well - can't help it if I have taste!
My mum came over just as the movie ended, and we took Morgan with us for coffee. The trip there and back also got us a much-needed lamp shade for Morgan's room.

I can't wait to get the room all set up! It is exciting for more than one reason. This is the first room I bought. So yeah - kinda pleased about it!

The thing I was not pleased about was coming home to find the washing machine had decided not to drain the water used. Just then, Morgan decided that she was bored in her pram, and started whining. I was trying to wring the clothes from all the excessive water and calm her down at the same time. Thankfully, music came to the rescue. She likes music so much that it tends to calm her down in a matter of minutes.

Once the clothes were hung up to dry, we played for a short while, and eventually, she fell asleep only for me to have to wake her up half an hour later to feed her. Once fed and cleaned up, I put her to bed and we both slept.

I woke up a couple of hours later to prepare her bottles, and I stayed up for a short while to chat with a couple of friends and look up info about different Mother Goddesses so that I could post about them on The Pagan Mama.

In the morning, Morgan seemed to wake up in a good mood - as can be seen in the photo!

Alas, being gassy meant she was cranky most of the time. Thankfully, music helped calm her down at various points throughout the day. Music and being held.

My grandma is wanting me to go out again this weekend just so that Morgan can sleep over. I don't see it happening though. Two weekends in a row might be a bit too much too soon.

Today I realised how quickly time is going by. Morgan is already 2 months old now, and my time with her is rapidly running out. I have no idea how the hell I will handle the return back to work. I hope I get to work decent hours though. I wouldn't want to be at work until her bedtime.

 Morgan playing with her Granny [26 March 2012]

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

"No shit, fuckin Sherlock!!!!!"
I walked towards the elevator screaming that to the sales girl, at the top of my lungs.

Of course, the screaming all occured in my head.

I'll start from the beginning, shall I?

Yesterday morning I had to go collect Morgan's birth certificate from the Public Registry. I was going to get a ride with my bro, but his plans changed so I bussed it instead. Silly me forgot all about the Shirt Predicament. I remembered only when, the moment I got on the bus, a couple of buses popped open, causing me to make a right tit of myself due to my forgetting I need to always wear a tank top or something underneath shirts.

Ah well. First stop:

2 minutes later, and €5 poorer, I had resolved the issue. See?

Admittedly, I paused on my way to the shop to check out some kidlet clothes in a shop within the same shopping complex. Managed to walk out bare-handed. Go me!
I made my way down to the Public Registry and thankfully didn't have to wait at all to be served.
Now, I know I had said I'd look into the whole How To Put A Guy's Name On A Birth Certificate After Him Being Left Out. Well, I couldn't be arsed looking into it. I may do if I'm motivated at a later date, or if I need to. I'll update you accordingly.

Once I had acquired the birth certificate (which cost €2.33), I made my way over to the M&S food shop. Coffee and sushi were had. NOM. Since I had yet another errand to run about an hour or so later, I decided it was time to get something useful for myself - a _good_ bra that _fits_.
Alas, no such luck was had at M&S as they only had ONE bra in the WHOLE store that was my size, and yet it didn't fit properly. I asked the salesgirl "Is this the ONLY 38G bra in the whole shop?" To which she replied "That is a difficult size to come by."

Which brings us in a full circle as to why I started this blog entry the way I did.
*Deep breath*

Not yet resigned, and with quite some time left to waste, I decided to try my luck at another Undies Shop.
Thankfully, the salesperson in there was WAY more helpful and actually had.. *gasp* a SELECTION of such ginormous sizes. Thankfully it was just me in the shop, since there was a blackout and I had to keep the changing room's door ajar to see wtf I was doing.

I walked out of the shop FIFTY FRIGGIN EUROS poorer. Having said that, I probably will be spending many more 50s in that shop. (That is the cost of a SINGLE bra :-/).

I ran to catch the bus and met the same person in Balzan as last week and bought more clothes for Morgan. Once the transaction was completed, I got the bus back home, and went over to my Grandma's, picked up our stuff and Morgan and walked it over to my place.

Once home, Morgan and I relaxed a bit and soon it was 10:30pm! Not having a clue where time flew off to, I fed Morgan and put her to bed. I read a bit from The Neverending Story to her - voices and all - and she listened quietly and attentively, and eventually fell asleep - as did I.
On a side note, I was made admin of The Pagan Mama yesterday. Since then, I've been busy keeping the page as active as possible since the other admins are in the USA. Whilst they're asleep, I'm awake. Therefore we get 24hr coverage now, which is pretty spiffy!

This morning, I got Morgan and myself cleaned up, fed Morgan, and made our way to Paola to catch the bus to Cospicua. The reason? Furniture Garage Sale!

I called the Bus Company's Call Centre first to check which bus was best to get, and the person taking my call was as clueless as me. Unsure of whether I'd be reaching my 1destination or not, I decided to give it a shot anyway.

I somehow managed to find my way - although it was quite a long walk - mostly uphill (where there was no pavement, so I was quite knackered by the end of it) and it was fruitful!

Et voila!

This, will be Morgan's new room - all that needs to be added is a mattress, some shelves and toy boxes. Working on the boxes bit though! The furniture will get delivered tomorrow afternoon. I now can't wait til the current furniture is taken away and we get to use the newly acquired one!
The moment we left the garage sale, Morgan was protesting as she was hungry. Thankfully my trustworthy phone helped calm her down - I put on music and stuck the phone next to her in the pram. The music put her to sleep, which meant I could get us to Paola without any hassles.

The journey back to Paola had a tiny incident where, whilst stuck in a bit of traffic, some Shipyard workers standing outside of a food shop started throwing kisses and making lewd gestures in my generic direction. I sighed, shook my head sadly and waved goodbye. It was so sad, it was borderline funny. You'd think a pram would act as a deterrent. Go figure!
Once in Paola, I stopped at a cafeteria in a shopping complex close to the bus stop, and fed Morgan and myself. Right after we were done, I managed to make use of the nappy changer in the handicapped toilets next door to the ladies' toilets. It looked like it had seen better days, so it was a bit daunting. At least it had a safety belt, so that made me feel a bit more at ease.

Once Morgan was all cleaned up, we made our way back home, and after a short while a friend came over for a bit, and whilst she was here, I fed and cleaned up Morgan again.

We are now finally relaxing a bit - listening to Practical Magic's soundtrack, whilst Morgan sleeps in her rocker.

Oh oh I almost forgot! I found a pair of purple fairy wings hanging from a tree branch on my way to the garage sale. They're awesome! They'll be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and put in Morgan's room.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Night Fever, Night Fever - We know how to do it

This is me reporting on Monday morning Sunday night following the night out. I started typing this blog entry yesterday morning, but it was a hectic day - which I ploughed and plodded through in zombie mode, powered by coffee. Well, bottom line is - I SURVIVED! Not only that, BUT! I managed to last til about 6:30am. And guess what? I DID NOT SUCCUMB TO NICOTINE TEMPTATIONS. Yay!!!

The gig was good fun, even though it may have seemed that I wasn't interested to anyone watching me type away furiously on my phone (which was me blogging). Following the gig, a stop at another bar was compulsory - which is where I encountered quite a lot of (mostly drunken) people I knew but hadn't seen in a while. That was good fun too.

Following that, a return to the first venue was made, where quite some time was spent - pretty much until closing time. This is when we discovered it had been raining - and still was drizzling! Ah crap. It was then that we decided to wait out the rain, aided by coffee and banter. Dawn was rapidly approaching, and so rain or no rain, the journey back home commenced.

This is where my legs threatened to turn into icicles. Somehow they limited themselves to doing just that - issue threats. Eventually, I got back home and found Morgan awake and about to be fed. I happily told her all about my night and how much I missed her. Thank Gods she _was_ awake otherwise I'd have been way too tempted to wake her up myself for that sole purpose!

I woke up 4 hours later, thanks to my mum bringing me coffee. It is her way of "sugar coating" the morning requests to do this and that I suppose. Ah well. I probably got sworn at for sending a text message and waking up the receiver, so it all balances itself out in the universe. You give some, you take some. *grin*

The morning was then followed by a flurry of tasks and somehow the day melted away quicker than an ice cube on a barbeque's flame.

I _did_ manage to watch bits and bobs from a Batman movie, an Asterix & Obelix movie, Meet The Parents and a couple of Simpsons episodes. Not one was watched from beginning til end, mind you. It makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to watch a movie in its entirety ever again.

Morgan slept most of the day so I feel as if we barely got to spend time together at all. Today I plan to make up for it though! Morgan is awake next to me, and I've been pestering her for the past half an hour already.

Yesterday, I only got to pester her during her bath time. See pictoral evidence!

Today, I've read this article - - which made me hang my head and shake it ever so sadly. Please, people who are giving birth this year, name your children with some consideration as they'll be Morgan's schoolmates and will therefore make my life hell trying to remember, pronounce and spell their names properly. Not to mention, it will be WAY HARD not to take the piss for me, let alone for other children! "Ah Cornish, you're scrumptious! Oh sorry, Cornis I mean." Which prompts me to declare "Mmmmmm pie."

Later today I should be hopefully getting some furniture that'll help the house look less like a nuclear explosion happened. Yay for extra storage space!

Oh, and one last thing - if anyone local gives their kidlets SMA formula, check out the promo they've got going on. You can swap the green scoop thingies for educational toys. Alas this doesn't apply to the regular formula milk I give to Morgan, which has yellow scoop thingies.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Night Live!

I'm writing this whilst standing in the middle of a club in Paceville watching a local band called Brikkuni play. The place is packed, everyone seems to be absorbed in the music and the performance.. and yet all I can think of is Morgan.

It has been one of them days - she was uber gassy, meaning she wanted me to hold her all day long. I spent 2 and a half hours trying to get our stuff all sorted so that we could go over at my grandma's.. I kept failing at doing stuff though, as the moment I put her in the car seat, pram or bed, she would start screaming, crying and wailing.

I gave up on getting stuff done after managing to prepare 1 bottle, and called my mum, and told her what was going on. She opted to come over and give me a hand. She arrived whilst I was feeding Morgan, and once done, she kept Morgan company whilst I did a few chores and gathered our things.

In the meanwhile, I was faced with having to take the decision as to whether I'd be going out or not in the evening. A friend tried to convince me to do so - and so did my mum.. And my grandma.

Since Morgan seemed to feel better, especially after pooping an epic poo - complete with an encore, nonetheless! - I decided to say "Fuck it" and go out.

The same friend who tried to convince me to go out picked me up - wheeeeeee! It had been a couple of years since I rode on a motorbike, so in spite of the wardrobe awkwardness (I had pre-packed a dress just in case I decided to go out... A dress which I tucked firmly under me so as not to accidentally flash all those we drove past), that was fun!

I called my mum the moment we got here to let her know all was well.. And most importantly, to ask whether Morgan was ok.

I miss her so friggin much. Like, REALLY miss her. It has only been about 2 and a half hours since I left... And yet, I can't help but miss her.

This is me sighing.

I'll write some more later.
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Friday, 23 March 2012

You give me fever when you kiss me - Fever when you hold me tight.

I am happy to report that Morgan has had no fever at all so far! I was dreading the night, as that is when fever tends to show up. I spent all day and night feeling her forehead to see if she's warm. At one point I thought she might be, so I had to find the courage to check her temperature.

I took her to the bathroom, which is where the nappy changer is, and put her on her tummy. Seeing her little bum waiting, up in the air, made me:
1)apologise for having to do this,
2)hope she doesn't have fever so as not to have to give her suppositories, and
3) REALLY hope she doesn't poop as it'd come flying straight towards me.

I took out the digital thermometer, and carefully took a reading. Thankfully only the shiny metal tip needs to be inserted, so it didn't bother her. Standing there, holding Morgan to make sure she doesn't move with one hand, and the thermometer with the other hand, I watched as the numbers on the thermometer's screen went higher and higher. "Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasenofeverpleasepleasepleaseplease," I kept thinking. The numbers slowed down. I held my breath. 37.1°C... 37.2°C... 37.3°C... 37.4°C... BEEP!

The reading showed she had no fever!

We've had a pretty relaxed morning so far - listening to music, cuddling up, playing and observing stuff.

I'll leave you with a couple of video clips of Morgan for now!

Morgan whimpering in her sleep [19 March 2012]

Morgan smiling and making her usual noises [21 March 2012]

Thursday, 22 March 2012

It's Mister Stabby!

This entry is being typed real-time.

Today is the day - I will be wanting to hurt someone badly soon. Well, after this HUGE queue of people before me are done.

We're at the clinic, waiting for our turn. For some reason, Morgan needs to go through a check-up before receiving her first shot - in spite of having a doctor's note confirming she's peachy and ready to start the immunisation process.

There are babies screaming and crying all over the place - and yet again, Morgan is just laying in her pram quietly.

Our appointment was at 9:30am - it already is 10:20am and we're still waiting for the check-up to happen.
Passed out in my arms as I type
Ok, it is now 12:52pm and Morgan and I are curled up in bed at my Grandma's house.

Shortly after my grumblings about us being made to wait for _that_ long, we were summoned. Morgan was asleep, so when I lifted her out of the pram and put her on the clinic's couch, it was rather easy to measure her height.

She is now 56cm tall! That's an extra 4cm(approx) within a week. Yay! Morgan's head somehow measured slightly smaller than last week - go figure! Her head's circumference is now 38.2 and she weighs 4.45kg. She did gain weight, but apparently it isn't enough so I was told to feed her more - by adding an extra scoop of formula to it. *shrug* Different medical people say different things. We'll see how it goes.
Once the check-up was complete, I was bombarded with info that the staff at the clinic must be sick and tired of repeating to every person who walks in with a child. I don't remember half of it - it was mainly to do with weaning. Eh. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
Whilst I was dressing Morgan post-check-up, I was talking to her and she was smiling and gurgling in happiness at me. Yay! I love her mini-chuckles and toothless grins.
Then, it was time to face the music. I took her into another room and was told to put her on the couch. This nurse told me that the injection was an immunisation against Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Pertussis and Haemophilus Type B (HIB).


It is now 19:17pm.

To continue the story...

A few seconds later, Morgan's thigh was exposed and this HUGEASS needle was stuck in her right thigh. Time seemed to slow down as I watched it going in. Morgan's eyebrows furrowed, she went bright red and started howling in pain. Her eyes filled up with tears, and I wanted to punch the living crap out of the nurse. Like SERIOUSLY hurt her. Morgan seemed to be saying "Why are you hurting me? Why are you letting her hurt me? I've done nothing wrong, stop hurting me!"

As soon as the needle was out, I picked Morgan up and held her close to me, all whilst apologising to her and trying my best to reassure her.

I hurried out as fast as I could as it was getting late and was nearly time for her to be fed.

I stopped by at the pharmacy to get her a box of suppositories (just in case she gets feverish) as I had forgotten the one I have already at home. Also got her a bottle of surgical spirit so that I could clean her tiny wound with it.

We arrived at my Grandma's at 11:20am. I had already cleaned Morgan up at the clinic and didn't need a nappy change yet. I just warmed up her bottle and fed her - and she crashed not long after. I joined her for a small nap, and once up, we made our way home. My mum came home with us so that she could give me a hand with a few chores.

As soon as my mum left, I noticed Morgan needed to be cleaned up - Uber Pooper struck again. I gave her a bath, and she is now in my arms fast asleep.

See? :D

No signs of fever as of yet - fingers crossed no fever will show up!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring forward, Fall backwards!

So much has happened within the last 48hrs that I didn't have the time to post anything yesterday. I'm going to split this post in 3 parts:

Part 1:

The day before yesterday I read a list of the most popular names for babies in Malta. Needless to say, Maya was on the list.

I lost track of how many friends and acquaintances of mine named their daughter Maya. This means that it is harder to remember who is called what, and so I will play it safe and use nicknames when referring to them daughters' names I'm not sure of.

I will also use nicknames for sons if I forgot their names, or am unsure of how to write/read the name.

Don't take offence if I don't call your child by their name. I rarely call people by name anyway, regardless of their age.

Part 2:

Yesterday I tried and failed miserably to shower whilst it was just Morgan and myself for the first time since we came home. We were meant to meet up with my mum on the bus to go to Balzan so that I could meet with a lovely Scottish woman who was to sell me some 2nd hand clothes (in excellent condition!) for Morgan.

Morgan put up quite a struggle when I tried to bathe her - but this, was the end result.
I ended up calling my mum to come over instead so that she could watch Morgan whilst I got ready. Whilst waiting for my mum, I cleaned up Morgan, and after about half an hour, my mum came over, and fed Morgan whilst I showered. Once fed and burped, we gathered our stuff and started our journey to Balzan.

Two and a half hours and two bus rides later, we finally got there to find the aforementioned woman waiting for us. Talking with her made me miss my Scottish friends - she's from Edinburgh, so has a distinct accent (though not as thick as some of my friends'). I pointed out to her Morgan is half-Scottish, which made her go "awww" even more from then on.
I made arrangements to meet the same lady in a week or two again to buy some more stuff off her, paid her for this time's haul and went for coffee with my mum and Morgan at the nearby Melita Gardens Cafeteria.

One quick bite and coffee later, we made our way to the bus stop and about 20 minutes later, we hopped onto the first bus. We got off the bus at Blata l-Bajda (which saved us some 5 minutes from the journey's total bus time had we gotten off the bus at Valletta) and then got on the next bus a few minutes later.

By some miracle, I managed to get the pram inside the house on my own (seeing as whilst I _do_ live in a ground floor maisonette, I have to go up a couple of steps leading to the porch.), and the moment we walked in, the alarm went off on my mobile signifying Morgan's feed was due. I cleaned her up, and whilst feeding her, I made arrangements with my friend Rose to have another friend pick Morgan and myself up so that we could go over at Rose's to celebrate Ostara.

Ostara is another name for the Spring Equinox - it is named after the Goddess Eostre. For more info, clicky here.

Once we got at Rose's, we had banter and then, Rose and I introduced Morgan to the Elements. No introduction was needed to the God and Goddess to be honest, as I've already mentioned her countless times to Them.

We still need to do an official Saining, however this was the first step. We were joined by another two people in the circle where meditation was carried out in honour of Spring and New beginnings. Good times!

As it was getting late, Morgan and I slept over at Rose's. And when I say slept, I mean it. I forgot when I last slept THAT much. Morgan slept soundly as well. Yay!

Today, we slept in, then I called us a taxi back home since I had taken Morgan over to Rose's in the car seat - it is DAMNED HEAVY to carry. I had no intentions of walking up a couple of hills for about 15 minutes to the nearest ATM and face 2 buses and walking 3 or 4 blocks etc, all whilst carrying some 10kg total.

Once home, my mum came over and since Morgan was asleep, we managed to do some house chores. Score! My mum left after a couple of hours, and Morgan and I had a quiet evening.
Now, for Part 3...

Tomorrow, Morgan gets her first vaccine. I am _NOT_ looking forward to seeing her getting stabbed, and potentially having fever in the evening.
I bought a box of Arfen suppositories, just in case. I don't feel comfortable with the thought of having to use them on her, but I know out of first-hand experience how effective suppositories are. Gods know how many I have been subjected to in my childhood. I just pity her poor bum.

I hope she doesn't get feverish. I really hope she doesn't. Meh. The vaccines are a necessary evil, I know. I just worry, I guess.

My little Cuddle Monster :D

P.s. Daylight Savings kicks in on the 25th. That's this weekend. Suuuuuucks.

Monday, 19 March 2012

In Joy and Sorrow, My Home Is In Your Arms

Day 2 at home: We're alive and well!

Yesterday evening, a couple friends of mine, who live a few streets away, invited Morgan and myself over for drinks and banter. We were picked up at about 7:45pm, and the moment we walked in, I warmed up Morgan's bottle and changed her nappy and sat down to feed her.

Another two couples joined us, and we had banter. It was good - the only thing I was a bit tense about was the cat who lives up to the Evil Mastermind reputation white poofy persian cats have, and the 2-yr old cute-as-hell lab/german shepherd-mix puppy they have. The cat is a cat - therefore obeys nothing and no one. He kept trying to wriggle in between Morgan and myself in more than one way - mainly metaphorically though. I guess her milk was too tempting for him. The she-pup was very outgoing and curious and kept sniffing at Morgan. My concern was the same kind of concern I had with Whiskey, my dog. Being a big, young dog brings with it a big amount of curiousity _and_ clumsiness. Thankfully, the other 6 people we were with took care of both cat and dog so that they'd keep their distance as much as possible.

I suppose I'm not one of them parents who are willing to take risks with pets and children by allowing said pet to sniff at their heart's content the child. I realise that it might be the best way to go on about it, but I am not comfortable doing it, especially with dogs I don't know and/or dogs who aren't used to children.

We didn't stay out late - by 10.30pm we were back home. Morgan was drowsy, so I put her to bed, picked a book, and joined her. Shortly after, we were both asleep. I must have been more tired than I realised I was as I slept through the alarm. She slept through it as well, so no harm done. Instead of having her bottle at 00:30am, she had it at 1:30am after her nappy change, and then crashed straight away once more.

She slept the whole night again, and woke up at about 6;30am, where I took care of her needs and got us both back to bed to sleep a bit more. She slept until her next feed was due.

I gave her a sponge-bath before feeding her, and clothed her in her first dungarees! She is adorable in this outfit, if I may say so myself! I always liked dungarees, and my favourite was an army green one made of denim - I had matching ankle boots back then too. Needless to say, Morgan owns quite a few in different sizes and will own many more.
See? I told you she's ADORABLE!

Once fed, I put her in her seat, and I managed to cook myself some food uninterrupted whilst Morgan watched the changing light and shadows through the back yard's door. She fell asleep by the time I finished eating, so I took her to the living room so that I could keep an eye on her whilst I do stuff.
After some time, Morgan started getting gas cramps, so we went to bed and snuggled up, and she fell asleep again.

Once she woke up, I changed her nappy and shortly after my mum came over. She gave Morgan her bottle, had brief banter and she ran off to go look after my dad who seems to have manflu of sorts.
Once gone, Morgan and I just chilled. She fell asleep again, and so I had some time to sort out her clothes and to relax a bit.
Now, we'll be off to her room so that I can attempt carrying on the clothes sorting process.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

Today is the BIG Day - Morgan and I are going HOME!

I woke up at about 6.30am to feed Morgan and change her nappy, and right after the deed was done, I crashed again. I then woke up at about 9.30am-ish to be told that Morgan had stayed up for about an hour after I fell asleep, just staring at stuff and making her noises. Good girl!

My mum changed Morgan's nappy as the changer a friend gave me died on us a couple of days ago, and since the bed is quite low for me, my back ends up becoming a painful mess. Once all cleaned up, I fed Morgan, burped her and started gathering our last bits and bobs. This resulted in 6 bagfuls of stuff.

My mum, Morgan and I set off on our Pilgrimage to Paris.

Half-way there, it dawned on me! I had forgotten my phone and the charger! CRAP. I asked my mum to wait for me with Morgan at the Paola Playgrounds and I set off to go retrieve the forgotten Raspberry (my phone). Upon my return, Morgan and my mum were nowhere to be seen. I called my mum and she said she was a street away, waiting for me as Morgan "wanted to leave the playgrounds.". That's my mum's way of saying the smoking ban at the Playgrounds sucks and she opted to wait for me elsewhere.

We continued our journey, and made a pit stop at a cafeteria. Our stop didn't last long - just long enough for a coffee and a slice of pie. Mmmmmm pie.

At long last, WE ARRIVED! Paris had never seemed so homely yet daunting to me. "This is it," I thought - not without having Michael Jackson sing songs in my head.

This is the beginning of the rest of our lives. No back-up, no adult company, none of that - now it is just Morgan and myself.

My mum spent some time at my place with us to help me tidy up the back yard. She fed Morgan whilst I started putting away our things, but left soon after.

I'm happy to report that so far, things are well. Dusk is rapidly approaching and the dauntingness is increasing. Don't get me wrong - before we left hospital, it was just the two of us. However, nurses and midwives were close-by. This time, it will depend entirely on me 24/7.
It feels as if I started motherhood all over again - back to square one.

I'm far from done putting our stuff away, however I'm going to stop for now and just lay in bed with Morgan until her next feed is due. I need to pace myself in order not to tire myself out, otherwise I'm screwed.


Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but I..

Yesterday morning we had a doc's appointment with Morgan's Head Consultant person. As we were sitting in the waiting room, which was full of children, two Ursuline nuns walked in, with a boy and a girl.

Seeing them four made me think. I know how much it can suck for a Single Parent to see two-parent families walk by. I can somehow understand how a child can feel having only one parent present in their life. What I cannot imagine is how a child must feel to see other children with at least one parent in the picture when s/he has none.

My thoughts were interrupted by two priests/preachers who kept rambling on and on and on.
My thoughts about how annoying they were, were then interrupted by my mum telling me that she thinks Morgan's hair will be like some ginger girl's, who had just walked in. I must say she did have beautiful long wavy hair, bunched up in two long braids.
All of a sudden, my observations were interrupted once more by a loud BOOM. Some girl fell off a chair, making others around her gasp. Cue loud wailing.

Another interruption - priests/preacher dudes started rambling again. Thankfully they left after a short while. My attention then drifted off to a boy that kept running to and fro past us. I kept observing him only until the Waiting Room music started playing in my head. "Fiiiiiigaro Figarofigarofigarofigaro Figaro!"
At last, we were summoned to the doc's office. There were about 6 Med Students in the room observing. When weighed, it turned out that Morgan is now at 4.34kg, and her head's circumference is 38.7cm. Pretty impressive!

Since my mum hurt her foot, we couldn't take advantage of the sunny weather as much as I would have liked. We just stopped by at my sister's workplace on our way home, where I gave Morgan her bottle. That is where I noticed them. FRECKLES!!!!

Morgan's forehead is getting freckly! *gasp* The Ginger Force is strong in this one!

Today we took Morgan out with us for coffeetimes, and then the Exodus began. My brother picked me up, we loaded his car with the vast majority of our stuff, and took it over to my place. Once back at my Grandma's house, I took more things back to my place, this time with my sister's aid.

When I got back, I snuggled up with Morgan who was a bit cranky - I am positive she _is_ teething. She kept spitting out her dummy, and attacking my finger. She slobbered and sucked really hard on it. Yes, I know it sounds wrong - get your mind out of the gutter already.
Later on in the evening, she got to meet her dad for the first time thanks to Skype. She won't appreciate it now, but she will later on in life.

We are now about to embark in what will officially be our last night here before heading home. I can't wait! I am dreading returning home a tiny bit - the idea that I won't have any back-up there, and that it will just be the two of us scares me a bit. Wish us luck!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

You drive me crazy

Yesterday was one of those days where time seems to speed up and no matter what you do, you're always losing the race against it.

I had an odd dream, where I was with someone and we got on a bus that took us to Denmark in less than half an hour and it only cost us 40c. As if a bus could do that.. Ah well, one can dream.

Earlier in the afternoon, my mum and I took Morgan for a stroll, involving coffeetimes. I bought her a teal cardigan, a dark blue sleeveless top/dress and teal jeans. Yay for heavily reduced prices! She wore her Winnie The Pooh hoodie for the first time today, and it fit her like a glove! 'Twas a gift from her Paternal Granny. Oh, and I also got her this cute red pinafore dress and purple long-sleeved top with a Monster face print on the front.

My precioussssss :D
I went over to my place to check the mail and tidy up a bit in preparation for our return whilst my mum looked after Morgan for me. I saw a woman drive by with a girl who was no older than 7 years, sitting in the FRONT seat, eating a yoghurt WITH A FRIGGIN METAL SPOON.

This, to me, brought mental images of horrible consequences should they be involved in a car crash.
Why is it that so many Maltese people insist on being irresponsible when it comes to assuring their children's /grandchildren's/ nieces'/ nephew's safety where cars are involved? I'm not sure if by Maltese law, booster seats are mandatory - if they're not, THEY SHOULD BE. It IS a life or death issue! Is it so bloody hard for these people to realise this?!

*/rant over*

Morgan has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning for a check-up. I'm anxious about it. She's perfectly fine to me, but you never know what doctors might say. At least I know that the doc in question is a bloody good one. He was _my_ paediatrician when I was young, and I probably owe him my life way more times than anyone cares to remember.

I will return to posting more regularly and more interestingly shortly - promise! I just need to move back home first.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fay Wray Come Out And Play

So, I came across this article here  just a few moments ago, and found myself sighing resignedly.  "Why?" you might ask.  Well, here's why.

About a couple of weeks ago, I went for coffee with my mum and we took Morgan with us in her pram.  ON our way back home,we walked past the playgrounds in Paola.  The swings and other play things all seemed in good working order, and as if they have only just been installed. Excellent!  However, as we walked towards the public toilets, the stench of urine that greeted us only grew stronger the closer we got. 

Stupidly enough, the opening hours were something like 9am - 3pm, if I remember correctly.  This means that whoever happens to need to go pee or poop after those hours will most likely do so just outside the public toilets' closed doors, thus leading to the filth and stench to flourish.

Oh, did I mention that the toilets are right opposite the doors of the Paola Government-owned school?

Not to mention the fact that yes, in spite of all the hoo-haa this article pretends to be concerned with, if you look on the side, you'll find plenty of similarly-themed articles written over the past years. This, to me, indicates that every so often the government/local councils pretend to give a fuck about the state of the equipment installed in the playgrounds just to shut people up.  Nothing ever changes.

And what is this bullshit about making them "as safe as necessary"?  Clearly, the people involved don't have children of their own, otherwise they'd realise that even if you were to wrap your child up in bubble wrap and make sure every single object around them is also wrapped up in bubble wrap, has no sharp edges/corners and is made out of the safest materials ever, said child will still find a way to get hurt/hurt someone else with said objects. Hell, think of prisoners and the ingenious ways they come up with the create makeshift weapons! THINK OF MACGYVER DAMN IT!

Or so claim Patty and Selma Bouvier

"As safe as necessary" to me, reads as "We can't be bothered so we'll just give a lick of paint over the rusty bits to hide them up and keep parents off our backs."

I now sit back and wait for them to prove me wrong - honestly. I hope they manage.

Monday, 12 March 2012

There is no place like home.

Yesterday I kept my mouth shut. Today, I'm going to bitch, rant, rave and vent.

I've had enough.

When you invite a new mother to stay over at yours, or make arrangements to go over at her's, to be able to give her a hand at learning the ropes, do it. Don't, instead, take advantage of her being around and ending up expecting her to look after everyone and everything.

If you're not a New Parent, you won't understand how stressful it all is. If you're not a parent at all, you're bound to think that it must all come natural and that Baby is merely a new play mate to be oohed and aahed upon. If you're an experienced parent, the stress related to it all will have become like an old troublesome hip injury that you learnt to live with a long time ago and don't really consider as being an issue. You get used to it with time, and forget how stressful it all is in the beginning.

Don't expect a New Mother to play host, if you're just over to visit. She will be solely focused on her child and will not have the energy to entertain you. Help her out instead. Not with Baby, with other stuff. Like house chores for example. Those chores that Gods know how many times she tried to do but had to abandon before they even got started because Baby needed her, or because she was too exhausted to attend to.

Even the Good Babies who sleep all night and are really quiet are demanding and tire the living shit out of you. Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because Baby isn't colicky and doesn't spend the whole day and night crying for no apparent reason, then the New Parent must have all the time and energy in the world to do their own thing and more.

On this note, I'll shut up and go warm up Morgan's bottle as she's due to be cleaned up and fed in 4 minutes' time.

Good day to all.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Silence is golden.

I'm in too foul a mood to write much today. I don't want to bitch about anything or anyone, so I'm better off keeping my mouth shut.  I will be much better once I take Morgan home, and am in my own comfort zone.

I will say this - Morgan amuses me more and more with every day that goes by.  She is starting to mimic my actions and to be amused by my silliness.  Ever since yesterday, I started tapping my mouth whilst going "Aaaaaaaah" and then tapping hers.  She opens her mouth, but no sound is emitted, prompting me to ask her how come hers makes no noise. She seems to be amused by it as it has evoked a few smiles from her end.  This is our first official game =)

I will leave you with some of her cuteness before I run off to cook.

Catch you lot tomorrow!

P.S. Upon hearing himself bark, Pluto a.k.a. George started barking.  Silly dog.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tease me, Tease me Tease me, Tease me baby Till I lose control

I should count myself lucky Morgan doesn't talk yet, otherwise she'd be swearing at me for pestering her and picking on her.

This is what happened yesterday evening:

I can't help but laugh every time it happens!  I do help her out, mind you, but at times I like to watch her and see if she manages by herself.  There are times when she is actually successful!

Today, the same thing happened, and this time, she actually grabbed it with her hand!  At first she grabbed it between  her middle finger and her ring finger, then when i gave it to her, she grabbed it with her whole hand and threw it on the floor.

I'm uber-pleased, to say the least!

Morgan has been rather quiet all day, slept quite a bit too, meaning I could get things done. I'm officially putting away her small bottles, as we have now upgraded to 160ml every feed - even though I'm mixing 4 scoops of milk to 150ml of water to reduce her spewing.  I'll go for the actual dosage of 5 scoops once her stomach accepts the fact she's drinking more.

On a side note, I'd like to wish a happy birthday to Paul - the mastermind behind "Malta's Amateur Youtubers, Bloggers, Vloggers and Artists". Here's a happy Morgan just for the occasion:

Friday, 9 March 2012

Can't buy me love

I hate shopping.

Except for books.

That, has always been my stance. Things seem to be changing though! Now that Morgan is in my life, I can't seem to stop buying her stuff.

The day before yesterday I got her a Baby Activity Mat. The day before that, I bought her 3 toys. And a few days ago I bought her the Baby Rocker. And, I've been buying her stuff for her room. That will take me a while to complete, as I also will need to figure out how to go on about painting the room and creating the mural. I will also need to discuss my rental contract first as I'm not about to paint the room and move out of the house a month or three later!

As I had mentioned in a previous blog, I'm going for an enchanted forest kinda theme with fae folk and other awesome creatures. This is what I've got so far:
Flower fairy miniature drawers
Wrapping paper to be used for toy boxes
Mirror Sticker #1
Mirror Sticker #2
Mirror Sticker #3
Hanging thingy #1
Hanging thingy #2 and #3

Hanging thingy #4
Pirate and Fairy felt thingies.
Ok, ok. Fine. I admit it. I bought her more stuff yesterday as well. Namely a grey and a red pair of trousers, a purple woollen short-sleeved shirt and a purple top which says "I love rain". Oh, and sterilising tablets and a formula milk dispenser thingy for the days when we are out and about.
Unfortunately the visit from her Paternal Granny will have to wait due to the funeral happening this weekend. Hopefully it won't be long before it gets rescheduled!

Yesterday evening, I cleaned all her toys, and Morgan got to use the Activity Mat for the first time. According to a certain someone *coughpaulcough* the Activity Mat 5000 is guaranteed to reducing poop by 23%. Alas, that proved to be a false claim, and if that same someone doesn't believe me, I will gladly send him the evidence in the mail :D

Morgan wasn't interested in playing at first, as can be seen clearly in the pic. What can I say? She's my daughter after all!

She then seemed to change her mind when I wasn't looking, as can be seen in these videos:

All that playing seemed to have affected her appetite as she later on downed a whopping 200ml of milk! This meant that it was time to upgrade to bigger bottles, which we did today. Now I'm off to clean and feed her.


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Friends will be friends

Whoa. This is day 2 of writing a blog post which hasn't been submitted yet! That means I will have to try and finish it, and post it too, tomorrow. The reason for this delay is that I need to submit it from Hugh, as I need to include a fair amount of pictures and a video in it. Which means - keep your eye peeled!

Today was a hectic day where I didn't really get much time to do what I'd have liked to do. I did laundry, disinfected/cleaned/sterilised Morgan's toys, looked up some ideas for her room, fed and cleaned her, and little else.

This evening, she amazed me by downing the grand total of 200ml! Her usual bottle is 125ml. This means that tonight is likely to be busier than usual for me as I don't have the bigger 250ml bottles here - they're at home, and I'm still at my grandma's - therefore I will have to sterilise and prepare bottles in the middle of the night. Unless she sleeps all night - which she has done twice within this past week.

She has been more smiley than usual today, and I particularly love how she behaves when it is just the two of us. She has a habit of looking intently at me as if trying to figure me out. I really can't wait until it is just the two of us, at home. I thought I'd be terrified of the idea, and was a bit panicky over how I'd handle it. I'm sure I will have a second or two where I _will_ panic a tiny bit, but I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Yesterday we got to talk to Becca, a friend of mine, and her daughter Willow via Skype. Observing Willow flailing her arms all over the place and seeing Morgan watch her with a certain sombre expression was quite entertaining! I'm curious to see how they will interact with one another once they meet in person. Especially once they're a bit older and can be proper play mates whenever they are visiting (seeing as they live in Belgium). All I know is that Morgan is lucky she doesn't have the same chubby, rosy cheeks as Willow otherwise I wouldn't stop munching on them (even more than I already do)! Willow is a really cute baby girl. Becca & her partner will have quite a task to shoo away would-be suitors!

A number of people I know have had children within the past year or so. Even more people I know had children in the past 8 years. The majority are girls, but there are a few boys as well. It makes me wonder if any of them will ever date - and what kind of relationship Morgan will have with them, if she will have one at all.

And to conclude, I'll leave you with this tune:
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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Let's do the time warp again!

Earlier I started writing a blog post, which I never finished.  However, I now want to rant a bit, soi I'll return back to my unfinished entry later.

It is a known fact that I reckon the 80s were awesome and that music nowadays tends to suck.  I was pleasantly surprised by this track:

I like it. Not just because of the moobs.  The lyrics make sense, without being vulgar, and are made up of real words, using good grammar.  The video is simplistic, and interesting.  And, his voice reminds me of Peter Gabriel.  The track sounds like something Genesis could have come up with. Although more upbeat, it reminds me of one of the most beautiful songs I've ever stumbled across, namely:

Gotye's track is probably the only new song I've sincerely liked in years [excluding metal].  Whenever I'm at my parents' house, or my grandma's house, I check out the various music video channels and always hear crappy music, with sexualised videos to accompany them. 

Since when has it become necessary to have boobs hanging out, arses hanging out, and dance moves a stripper would use regularly during a night's work?  Yes, sex sells.  But seriously, is it REALLY necessary?

It makes me wonder - what the actual fuck?!

Singers are common role models- young children aspire to be like them.  How exactly did we  shift from finding adorable that a child does the moonwalk to finding adorable that a child can do the booty pop?

The worrying thing  is that  in spite of one's attempts at teaching children right from wrong and all that jazz, you as a parent are not the only person in their life.  They will be exposed to that kind of junk - either by other relatives who will be more lenient than you, or by peers especially once they are at school.

I can only hope that Morgan won't like the kind of over-sexualised crap that we're bombarded with nowadays.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Over the hills and far away

Today Morgan and I embarked on an Epic Adventure!

I found 3 toys for her off "What Baby Wants, Baby Gets," and decided she _must_ have them. I contacted the seller and made arrangements to meet up today at 4pm in Sliema.

My good friend Rose texted me in the morning and asked Morgan and myself for a date this afternoon. Needless to say, we accepted! Thus, our adventure began!

 Morgan and Friends - ready, set, GO!

I cleaned up Morgan and put her in a fresh change of clothes, fed her, sterilised and prepared her bottles, got ready and left home. This process tool me a couple of hours, more or less.
Thankfully the first bus arrived just as soon as we got to the bus stop. An employee of the bus company helped me get Morgan's pram on the bus, and I found out to my dismay I'd have to stand up next to her as the foldable seat I'd normally sit on was broken. Ah well.

We got to Valletta safely, and Morgan fell asleep in the process. The same employee helped us off the bus, and so I walked us over to our next bus's bay.

I felt pretty smug, walking with Morgan amongst the crowd. Knowing she's mine made me adapt a Gollum kind of silent attitude.
We got on the 2nd bus, whereby the driver was nice enough to pull up close to the pavement so I could get us on the bus easily. This time, the foldable seat wasn't broken so I got to sit down next to Morgan's pram as she slept. It was rather worrying at times, seeing the pram sway slightly when the bus went round sharp bends. We made it in one piece though, and an elderly dude helped me carry the pram, with Morgan in it, off the bus.

I met with the Toy Seller and had a brief chat with her about Mummy Stuff. Her son seemed to take a liking to Morgan. Who knows if they'll meet again in the future!

After money and toys swapped hands, we bid farewell to one another and went on our separate ways. I then decided Morgan should get to meet a prime specimen of the male Homo Sapiens, so we went to say hi to Kris, who was at work - this was Morgan's first exposure to a book shop!  On the way we bumped into Christina as well!
 We can both be spotted from miles away :D

After a brief chat with the lovely Kris, we made our way to the bus stop to go over at Rose's, which is where I met a Bus Company Employee that was nice, but looked either like a Wood Spirit, or what Pinocchio would look like had he still be wooden once middle aged. We waited for about half an hour, and then got on our third bus of the day. Morgan started stirring as it was time for her nappy change and feed, so thankfully our bus ride was a short one.
 Suddenly, a Wild Kris appeared!

Once at Rose's, I immediately attended to my Fairy's needs. Once her bum was dry, Rose fed Morgan her bottle, and we had awesome banter. Rose being Rose, she couldn't help but embarrass her son by implying Morgan is his future girlfriend and wife. It was also pretty awesome to see Adriel hold Morgan - he is possibly the first male to accept straight away and to appear to be A Natural at it.
I rather enjoyed watching Morgan interact with them two - she behaves in a unique manner with Rose. She kept trying to chew on Rose's face and nose (rather successfully, I must say) which led to our discovery that Morgan is already teething! I wonder how long it will take for her first tooth to emerge! It is rather sad, mind you, as this means my baby girl is growing up VERY quickly. That _is_ good, but I can't help wish she would remain my baby for a while longer!

It started getting late, and so we caught the bus back home at 7:30pm. We bid our farewells, and started the journey back home. We switched buses at Mater Dei Hospital, and Morgan quickly fell asleep, lulled by the bus's movements.

A while later, we finally got home, where we found my parents waiting for us on the bus stop. Once home, I changed Morgan into something more comfy, as did I, and we are now chilling in bed.

It has been a fun albeit tiring day. I look forward to more epic adventures with Morgan!


Monday, 5 March 2012

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey

Today was THE DAY- i.e. the day when I get to take Morgan to hospital and get the results of her Genetic Profiling - meaning I would find out if she's a Down's Baby or not.  Before getting to the big revelation, I'll give you a background of what a day from hell it has been.

At about 3am, I gave Morgan her bottle and changed her nappy, and then went to the kitchen to prepare her next feeds and to enjoy a middle-of-the-night snack and hot beverage.  Yes, I just heard the words 'hot beverage' being spoken in my head by The Big Bang Theory's Dr Sheldon Cooper.  Oops - there we go again.

A thunder-cum-hailstorm broke loose out of nowhere.  And then it happened.  It was 4am. One moment I'm doing a Word Search, the next, a loud POP! was heard and the lights went out.

"FuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckFUCK!" I thought to myself.  Hugh, my laptop, was on standby, plugged in.  I ran to unplug it, whilst hoping it will still work once I give it a shot, to prevent any other possible damages.  I checked on Morgan, and told my mum there was a blackout.  Upon checking the circuit breaker, it turned out the issue must be related to the Electricity Main Thingy.  Great.

My grandma woke up and herself, my mum and I ended up bickering over what could be the issue.  Because you know, each one of us is a Certified Electrician, right?  Anyway. Everyone went back to sleep and I nodded off for about an hour until it was time to wake up.

I got Morgan fed and changed and cleaned up, then got ready myself.  It was soon after that hell broke loose over how on Earth I was meant to get to hospital.  Due to the sudden weather change, bussing it was out of the question, and the  taxi service I called was unavailable.  After a while, my brother managed to pick us up and drive us there.

A brief struggle to install the car seat and a mostly traffic-free drive later, and we were there.  My mum accompanied us to help me carry the car seat + Morgan as they are bloody heavy!  The Doc we had the appointment with hadn't arrived yet, so we sat in the waiting room, and did just that - we waited.

The wait was rather nerve-wrecking.  In the meanwhile, I received a message via Facebook from Morgan's Paternal Granny to say that Morgan's Paternal Great-granddad had passed away earlier this morning.  Yet another death that has affected someone close to me this year - brings the toll up to 5 in total.  It is rather sad that Morgan will now never have the opportunity to meet him, but I'm told that he was shown her photos and that made him smile.  So at least, there's that.  Now, we wait to see if this will impact her Paternal Granny's visit or not.  If the visit has to be rescheduled, then so be it.  It is a matter of prioritising after all.  If everything stays the same though, it would mean that we get Morgan's Paternal Granny over here on Saturday! Exciting stuff!

I was looking around me, observing other babies and children.  There was one colicky baby, who went bright red and just wouldn't stop crying.  Soon after, another baby joined in and started wailing as well.  I smiled, a bit smugly, I admit, at Morgan - who was asleep - and told her "Good girl, not to give in to peer pressure!"  This provoked a quizzical look and some chuckles from my mum.

I then was observing a boy - who was perhaps 10 years old - who seemed to have some disability. I didn't realise this until I heard him speak. That is when I looked at Morgan, a bit choked up and thought to myself how easy it is for a disability to stay hidden from the world, and how anxious I was to get the results. I kept hoping and hoping that everything would be fine.  Given the day's start though, I wasn't hopeful, to be honest.

Then, the Doc walked in and soon after we were summoned.

Doc said she was still waiting for Morgan's notes, and after a few moments, she broke the news.

Does Morgan seem Down to you?



The tests came back perfectly fine!  I was overjoyed to hear this, albeit it was a delayed reaction since I think I was somewhat shocked.  I had been preparing myself for the worst, just in case, so it was a bit of a dream-like situation.

Doc then weighed and measured Morgan - She now weighs 4.09kg [9lbs] and is 52.7cm [20.7inches] tall.  She'll be 5 weeks old tomorrow.  Quite impressive, at least to me!

Whatever else goes wrong throughout the day won't matter.  I know Morgan is well, and that is all that matters to me.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow is the day where I take Morgan to hospital for a check-up, and probably, her test results.  It is a daunting task, I must admit.  I suppose this is why a lot of people choose to be ignorant.  They would rather not know, rather than risk finding out some piece of bad news.

I had the option, you know.  The one where no blood tests would be conducted.  The one where we'd just sit back and see if anything emerges a few months further down the line.  The one where I wouldn't have had to sit in a room and help two nurses hold Morgan still so that they could poke needles in her hands as she cried her heart out in pain. 

But. I'm a nerd, heh. I had to know.  I'm what you'd call an Infornographer.  Knowing will help me figure out how to best look after Morgan.

On a positive note, I got her the cutest Baby Rocker ever.  No, not a boyfriend. This:

Picture quality sucks, I know.  It is merely a pain to unpack and repack it for no valid reason at the moment.  I will post better pics at a later date!

This, on the other hand, is the first vid I'm posting of Morgan since she was born.  It was taken a few days ago, [1st of March] whilst she was in the middle of her Tummy Time.


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kill me kill me kill me again with your love

Someone posted this link on Facebook yesterday.   Admittedly, the Daily Mail is what it is [i.e. an unreliable source of information aimed at causing sensation], however a few valid points where made.

Infanticide was indeed an acceptable practice back in the day amongst quite a few different cultures.   A couple of favourite movies of mine portray the practice in different manners.  In Fantaghirò [a.k.a. The Cave Of The Golden Rose].  Fantaghirò's father was going to kill her for being born the wrong gender rand because his wife died as a consequence of childbirth.  In The Mists of Avalon, Morgause was about to leave Morgaine's child exposed to the elements in order to kill him and try and seize the throne for herself.

Fantaghirò - part 1 [Italian original audio] - Enjoy!!

The Mists of Avalon - part 1 [English audio] :D

The article calls Infanticide "After-Birth Abortion" as if to minimise the blow - pretty much the same thing shops do by marking their goods "£199.99" instead of "£200.00."  It does make one ponder what power words truly have.  It also makes me wonder who was the idiot who coined the saying "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

 Now THAT'S more like it!

Whereas I did mention in a previous blog my views regarding abortion, I do not consider in any shape or manner Infanticide to be merely Abortion happening in a different geographical location.  It is true that in the article, the practice is not  being condoned by either the scholar who wrote about it, nor the journalist reporting it.  However, the moment someone says something which the Italians would call a "cazzata" i.e. a REALLY stupid thing [to put it nicely], there will be a blooming idiots somewhere who will think it is pure genius and will act on it.  Sometimes, a TV show will be made out of it! See Jackass, for example.  Or, the reverse side of the same coin, MythBusters.


Friday, 2 March 2012

True colours are beautiful, like a rainbow.

It has almost been 3 hours since I left my grandma's home. I have so far texted my sister 4 times to ask if everything is well, and to remind her that Morgan is due to have her nappy changed and to be fed at 6:30pm.

My phone's alarm clock went off at 6:30 in fact... Which is when my guilt rocketed sky high. I should be at home, feeding her right now - not sitting at the hairdresser's still, with hair dye in my hair.
I am going through something akin withdrawal symptoms. The fact that a Pagan group I'm part of posted an entry on Facebook concerning The Morrigan doesn't help.

WAIT!! Hairdresser summons! 'Tis time to rinse my hair! Finally!

Ok, false alarm. I have to wait a while longer it seems.

So yeah. As I was saying. I keep thinking I should be at home right now. I can't wait til I'm with Morgan!

A woman walked in with her son. She caused me to miss Morgan even more. Almost to the point of wanting to run out of the shop.

I know I have to get used to being apart - I will have to once I get back to work. The mere notion of it makes me shudder.

Ok! Here we go!

*insert hold music here*

On a side note, whenever I'm waiting, I always end up singing "Figaro" in my head.

*end hold moosic*

Aaaaand done!

So this is where I run home as fast as my legs can carry me.

*insert Benny Hill moosic here*

And now, I'm finally home.

My mum just shook her head sadly at me, resigned. I just said that now they surely will not be able to lose me.

*points at pic* See what I mean?

Now, I'm off to cuddle the living crap out of my Fairy.

Roots! Bloody roots!

For the first time in over a month, I have had some "me" time today. Obviously, I ended up being at a loss as to what the hell to do.

This morning, I went to roam around the shops - and ended up buying 4 waterproof books for Morgan, a book called "Where is my fairy?" for Morgan, and 3 room decorations.. For Morgan. Oh, and formula milk. For Morgan, of course! See what I did there?

My "me" time became "me-being-a-mum" time instead.

I was meant to go home today to meet someone who wanted to view the house, but they cancelled. I had already made arrangements for my mum to babysit Morgan for a couple of hours, so she said I should go do whatever.

"Uh-oh. What the hell am I going to do?!" I pondered. The answer came to me after a short while. "I'll get my hair fixed!" So I told my mum.

*insert evil laughter here*

My mum, bless her soul, seems to think I will opt for "normal hair" just because I'm a mother myself.


She asked me to go for an "acceptable" colour. As I need to look "acceptable" now that I have Morgan. I said that as long as she's healthy and growing up well, and being raised properly, then that is as acceptable as I could ever possibly be and my hair has got nothing to do with it. She asked what I will do when I have to attend Parents' Day at her school. I shrugged. Anyone having issues with the way I look is more than welcome to kiss my comfy behind. My motherhood skills are not to be judged by the colour of my hair or skin, nor by any other body modification or music tastes. Anyone thinking otherwise is a jackass.

Which is how I find myself sitting at my hairdresser's with my head slowly itching and burning its way to my new colour - well, not new. It has been this colour before. Or a different shade of it, anyway. My head feels lighter already after having fixed my mohawk. I missed having shaved bits.

Excuse the pun.

I'll post an update later revealing the outcome!