Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Morgan Selene Brigid Lily Dougall was born today 31st January 2012 at 11:50am weighing approx 3.33kg.

Her eyes are currently a dark blue, her sparse hair is ginger, and she is gorgeous.

I'm in love.

Monday, 30 January 2012

The Hospital Diaries: D-Day

I managed to sleep for about 2 and a half hours. Well not so much sleep as crash.

I had dreams, which I don't recall but which of course left me feeling even more tired that usual.

My waking up also woke up my mum - (see very unflattering photo) whom I am currently envying for her ability to consume coffee. I'm thirsty but cannot have anything. Not even water.

I woke up to find that the bag of liquid I was attached to (i.e. the drip) had finished, so I pressed the button to call for the midwife. My cousin came rushing in asking what's up. I pointed out to her the drip had finished dripping, so she unattached me from it. Yay, I can move my arm about for now!

The Hospital Diaries: Oh, The Drama!

A few hours after getting the ultrasound done, Food Lady walked into the room to tell me to pee in a container and go to the Treatment Room so that a She-Doc could examine me.

Turns out Food Lady is a nurse of sorts and I decided that her rhetorical questions annoy the living crap out of me.

She-Doc took 20 minutes to come into the room, and the moment she walked in, I could hear the dramatic music accompanying her.

She said that Creature is a big baby - estimated to weigh 3.7kg. This caused her to want to consult with the Profs. I waited for her to come back, which she did after about 10 minutes. She said that Profs was concerned Creature would either get stuck at the shoulders or I would bleed excessively.

She agreed to examine me before taking any decisions. Thus, my getting fingered with my mum standing right in front of me. Yay!

I'm surprised no one commented about the piercings since I left everything in its place for now. Anyway. The She-Doc looked at the midwife in the room and gave her The Look. You know the one people give you when they are about to break some bad news to you and are pitying you? That look there.

She-Doc said I was nowhere close to being physically ready for birthing physically. She said they wouldn't use the gel, and could re-examine me in the morning but 99.9% it would be a C-section.

It felt as if the world had collapsed on my head. I really wanted to avoid having to resort to it.. Only to be told I won't even get the opportunity to try and give birth naturally.

I had been wanting to try and go painkiller-free. With a C-section? Not an option. A Spinal is required.

The midwife in the room tried to argue in my defence as she noticed I was trying to hold back tears. All it took for the floodgates to open was her asking me if I was ok with it. I said "I have to be." And so she said "I could see it written all over your face."

I came back to my room and an ECG was taken to monitor my heartbeat, questions were asked, and then blood was taken. Thankfully the person taking the blood knew what she was doing. Another midwife stopped by to try and reassure me that it is for the best. I was attached to the monitor again.

In the meanwhile I had been gulping down Raspberry Leaf Tea - which midwives confirmed to me today that it does promote contractions. On the monitor, contractions kept getting recorded even though I didn't feel them.

Once the monitor was taken away, a second She-Doc offered to re-examine me and argue in my favour with Profs to get me the opportunity for natural birth.

Once she examined me though, she gave me the same Look. My heart sank even lower, if that is even possible. She still walked away to talk to Profs..

She returned a few moments later and said "I spoke to Profs. He said, and I quote, 'I don't want a dead baby.'" I shut up and nodded, admitting defeat. There isn't much I can say as a comeback. I don't want to risk any harm coming to Creature merely out of my stubbornness and wounded feminine ego.

I still am very pissed off about it all. I hate the pitiful worried looks I keep getting, or the fact that everyone keeps bugging me asking what's wrong, or trying to convince me there is a silver lining to it all. I appreciate it, but I'd rather everyone fucks off and leaves me be.

My mum decided to spend the night here with me. I wish she hadn't. I really would prefer to be on my own right now. I have to deal with this crappy situation my way, and I can't do so with people around me.

A blooming idiot of a He-Doc had to stick a Canula Needle in my arm so that a drip can be attached to it. He first poked my inner elbow and friggin wriggled the plastic tube inside my arm, poking the needle in and out of the plastic tube. He then tried to flush it, but it hurt. So he removed the tube and poked me a second time, this time on the back of my hand. Leading to my bleeding all over the bedsheets, down my fingers, and dripping on the floor. (See photo)

Oh, did I mention he seemed to have been a Michael Jackson fan? He did all of the above wearing just the ONE latex glove.

Once he fucked off, my mum, Rose, my elder sis and her boyfriend were having brief banter, until my cousin arrived for her night shift.

The drip thingy was attached to my hand, and I was then attached to the monitor again. No contractions showed up this time.

I am now trying to make the most of the remaining hour and a half or so left til midnight. I cannot eat or drink anything after that.

Anyway, that should be enough to bring you lot up to date for now.

Toodles! X

The Hospital Diaries: The Eve of the Big Day!

Last night proved to be 100% sleepless. I spent the night chatting with a couple of friends, and downloading music to my phone.

At about 4am, someone knocked at my door. It was another patient. At first I thought I might have woken her up due to my playing music. Turns out she had been pacing the ward unable to sleep and noticed light coming from my room. It seems like I was the only other person in the ward to be awake. I invited her in for banter.

She was a year older than me, married, with a 1 and a half year old son. She hasn't been in Malta for long - she is originally from Libya. She was due to give birth at St James Hospital, but went into labour a month early and since they don't have incubators available, she came to Mater Dei instead. Her newborn son is currently in an incubator to get breathing assistance. She said that her husband and mother-in-law are going to be flying over today. We discussed the situation in Libya and the difference between the Community Hospital there, and over here.

We had banter for a while and she then went back to her room to try and get some rest. The rest of the night was spent downloading music and chatting.

Once dawn arrived, the ward came to life with Cleaning Ladies tidying up the rooms, the Food Lady taking orders, breakfast being fixed and so on and so forth.

I managed to snooze for half an hour before the Doctor came by - an Eastern European She-Doc - and she gave me a generic idea of what will be happening today. A midwife followed soon after and attached me to a monitor again.

She said that 4 patients checked in between last night and this morning. They already had about 7 deliveries schedules for today, so the delivery suite is packed full today.

Once the monitoring was over, I snoozed for about an hour and then my mum arrived and I got to go to get an Ultrasound done. Everything is fine with Creature - and I got shown his/her face in 4D and got given a snapshot of it! (See photo)

I can't wait to meet him/her in person!

When I got back to my room, I found Rose had arrived and set up the Altar. (See photo). The three of us are now just hanging out, talking, until it is time for the Doc to see me and check whether the Gel is required to start the induction.

The Gel's purpose is to help the cervix to "ripen" and soften so that it opens up bit by bit to allow the birth to happen.

Rose got me some Raspberry Leaf Tea, which is thought to assist labour and to reduce pain. We'll see if it really does speed up the process or not!

I'll update you some more later!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The last sleepless night?

I'm bored and cannot sleep. There is central heating turned on at the hospital and the room is bloody warm. Thank Gods I packed a sleeveless nighty, otherwise I wouldn't be as laid back right now.

I managed to sleep an hour or two earlier, but now sleep seems to have disappeared from the menu.

I just realised that this might be the last chance I get to take a Belly Picture - so I did. (See photo)

My phone decided to stop picking up a good signal, meaning my internet is dying on me pretty much all the time. I wish it wouldn't as I'd like to browse a bit - need to do some research (for a change!)

Anyway, I'll post more updates later!

And then there were none

This has been a long day. I got here [i.e. Hospital] at about 10:30am. My bro and his fiancee drove my mum and myself over. We found the ward and "checked in".

My cousin who is a midwife in this particular ward took my details and stuff and we were made to wait a bit in the kitchen until my room became available as a previous patient hadn't "checked out" as yet.

Fast forward an hour or so, and the room was ready. Some med students came into the room to attach the monitor that would show us any contractions, Creature's heartbeat, and Fetal Movements. (See pic)

My mum kept me company throughout it, and then left at about 1pm. I then nodded off for about an hour and a half, only to be woken up in a very confusing manner.

Some nurse or something opened the door to my room and went "Sinjura, se titqarben?" (Which translates to "Mrs, are you going to partake of the Holy Communion?") I stared at her blankly and when "Eh?" So she repeated the question. I stared at her blankly a while longer and said "Errr.. No." Thus, she left.

A she-doctor then came into the room to ask me a few questions and get me to sign a consent form for them to be able to commence the induction since it does mean that there would be a slightly increased chance of a C-Section being required. Paperwork sorted and questions answered, I was then visited again by my cousin. We had banter, and then she had to return back to her duties. After a few moments, a very good friend of mine - Rose - came over to visit.

we had banter and my cousin rejoined us a while later. Rose decided she wanted to get me some food, so she scurried off to go get me pizza. In the meanwhile, my bro and his fiancee arrived and they brought goodies with them. After about half an hour, my elder sis arrived as well, also bearing noms.

Rose then returned with pizza, and a short while later a couple of friends also came to visit, bringing even more noms! I now know that I won't be starving to death whilst I'm in hospital.

We had banter, and slowly they all began to disperse and head back home.

I now am on my own, ready to face the first night. There is a baby crying somewhere but it sounds more like a distressed kitten to me than a tiny hoomin. Maybe some mother had kittens.

Tomorrow, they will be starting the process. I will update the blog accordingly!

Toodles x

You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes

Those of you who know me, know very well that I'm not the girly girl kind of person.  I've always been the  kind of female to hate all the fussing and faffing about.  This also is reflected in what I wear.

I hate shopping - unless it is for books.  I don't get what the fuss is all about - trying on clothes that don't fit properly and/or you have no intention/means to purchase is just annoying,frustrating and a complete and utter waste of time to me.  I also happen to a One Pair Of Shoes kind of person.  What this means is that you can find me wearing the same pair of shoes in all sorts of different occasions. I can't walk in heels - and I don't need heels anyway - at least locally.  When I'm travelling, then yes - I might get to feel short. By Maltese standards though, I'm on the tall side at 1m69cm/ 5ft 6.5 inches.

One thing I have just realised though is this.  I have had 3 new pairs of shoes over the past couple of  years.  They all were laced and worn on extremely significant occasions.

The above photo depicts the first pair. This photo was taken at Skindependence 2010 - on the 2nd of July to be exact.  That was  the moment I defied gravity.  And by that, I mean I was suspended from 4 hooks that were pierced through the skin of my back.  It was one of the best moments of my life - one of my greatest accomplishments [and I can't wait til I get to suspend  again!].

The second pair was when I went to Manchester exactly a year ago.  I got there on the 27th of January, 2011.  I already went into detail about this in this previous blog, so I won't repeat myself.

Today,the 29th of January 2012, I find myself lacing up the 3rd pair just an hour or so before I leave for hospital, where I will be giving birth over the next couple of days.  The fun fact about this is that an exact year ago, I was in Manchester and we were going to have a photo shoot in the morning. This was where it all began with Creature's 'father'. By 'father' I mean sperm donor.  I won't go into the dynamics of how and why he is absent as I don't think it is fair for me to badmouth someone who has given me Creature.  I refuse to be the kind of Single Parent to badmouth the ex - regardless of how justified it might be.  Especially when it comes to doing so publicly.

I guess this is some sort of subconscious change I go through whenever a major change in my life's direction is about to be taken.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

The End Draws Nigh!

In just under 4 hours, I will be at hospital.   And guess what? Yep - still have stuff that needs to be done and yes, it is another sleepless night.

Good news is that I finally figured out how to update the blog from my phone - via e-mail.  And it works with photos too.   This means I will be able to post blog updates whilst in hospital as well. Yay!  What I might do is to pre-type an entry to announce the birth and then just fill in the blanks so that if I don't have the energy to do it myself, it will be easy to get someone to do it on my behalf and still have it be in my own words.

Yesterday afternoon, I had my last prenatal class. Since my grandmother was being discharged from hospital,my mum couldn't make it to attend the class with me this time - so my elder sister accompanied me instead.  She managed to turn my foul mood around by showing up at my place early, bearing delicious, happy-belly food: Vegetarian Lasagna, and an Orgasmic Brownie purchased from one of the most awesome food places on the island [i.e. Mint. nom!!!]

After wolfing down the lasagna, we just chilled for a bit before making our way to the clinic.  I was pleased to see that we were half an hour early since I hate being late.  We also found a parking space really close to the clinic and happened to be the first ones there.  Eventually, the other class attendees waddled up to the clinic - which was quite comical with this one woman who is 30 weeks pregnant with twins and keeps ballooning up from week to week.  She is rather short - 5 ft 2, perhaps? - and she can barely walk at this point in time without holding on to the wall or furniture. It must be a nightmare for her, mind you - but at this point it is better to laugh at oneself.

The class was basically discussing sterilisation [differences between hot sterilisation and cold sterilisation] and the New Mum's health after giving birth [which has been covered in this blog].  I have partially covered Cold Sterilisation in this previous blog too - however ~I will just recap specifically within this context.

Hot vs Cold
Cold sterilisation is the process of using water and a sterilising agent such as this, or this, whereby you allow the bottle/dummy/item requiring sterilisation to soak in the solution.  The solution itself can be used for up to 24 hours, and it is important to avoid cross-contamination.  Make sure you wash the items in advance and that you don't immerse your hands in the solution.  Use thongs to fish out items out of the solution.

Bot sterilisation is the process of using a sterilising device such as this, or this.  The first one is a microwaveable item, and the second one works using electricity to produce steam.

All of the above options are equally as efficient as long as cross-contamination is avoided. Which option you use is a matter of personal preference.  My advice would be to have a bottle of sterilising liquid even if you opt for the Hot Sterilisation process.  It is a no-brainer really - what would you do if there is a power cut?  Better take precautions. It could also come in handy to have one in your car/nappy bag especially when you will be away from home for a long period of time.  If you're over at someone's house, all you would need is to ask for a container and some water, and you'll be able to sterilise whatever you might need to.

That is all for now.

Toodles! x

Ranting helps, sometimes...

Stress levels are soaring.  When this happens, no one is to take anything I say personal - I'm bound to get extremely snappy and pretty much nearly chew people's heads off.

I understand everyone is looking forward to Creature being here - I probably am the least one to feel that way.  This is going to sound wrong on many levels - but if I could chicken out of it right now, I would actually consider it.

I hate not being in control of a situation I'm faced with.  I'm not a control freak - it just tends to emerge whenever it is my life that we're discussing.

Before anyone says anything optimistic to me - thus making me want to shove their heads so far up their arses that the Human Centipede creator would die of envy for not using this concept in his movies instead - I am not looking for sympathy/empathy.  I'm a realist by nature and  excessive optimism pisses me off.  D0on't tell me everything is going to be fine if it is not true and/or you don't have valid reasons to back up your argument.

This is exactly why I have not committed to having anyone in the delivery room with me.  I know for a fact I would end up acting like a total jerk and then just end up putting myself through a huge guilt trip.  Again - I don't want to hear that it is only natural to flip whilst giving birth. I don't care what is normal and what isn't.  To hell with the norms.

This has not been the easiest pregnancy ever.  To most, their pregnancy ends up being the happiest period of their life - or so they try to convince people.  For me, it has had a few good days - but mostly it has just been a continuous nightmare where I have had to deal with huge volumes of crap.  The drama is still not over, mind you.  I doubt it will ever be.

I'm so tired of it all.  I wish I could get away from reality for a few brief, refreshing moments. Creature has been the sole reason for me not to give up. I have been telling myself that it will all be worth it eventually.  I hope that it will truly be the case.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Breathe. Just Breathe.

Yet another sleepless night. Exactly a year ago, I also spent the whole night awake.  However, it was for different reasons.

On the 27th of January- a Thursday - 2011, I flew out to Manchester with Easyjet.  I was  about to meet up with a group of friends - some for the first time in person, others for the umpteenth time.  Either way, I was extremely excited about it.  I would get to be with a small part of my Bmod family for a few days!   I had been counting down the minutes to it happening - with a countdown clock on my laptop, and a countdown calendar on my desk at work. 

I nearly missed my flight since I was running late thanks to the buses, however I made it.  I landed in Manchester at about 9pm [UK time], and waited for Laura - my Partner In Crime, and Keiran - our Awesome History/Dr Who Nerd Friend,  to pick me up.  After a while, they got to the airport  and we set of for a road trip down to Banbury to pick up Jailbait Jack.  Fun times! We eventually managed  to get back to the Travelodge in Manchester [at about 1am], where I got to glomp everyone before we split up to go to our rooms.

Laura and I decided mischief was in order, so we at first ambushed our friends by managing to burst into their  rooms and unleashing our Pillow Fury on them before retreating back to our room.  Not having satisfied our need for mischief and catching up, we decided it would be a good idea to shave each other's hair in a mohawk.  So we did. 

Epic banter was had, and eventually we crashed for an hour before having to check out of our room to start making the journey over to the hostel where we'd be meeting up with even more friends.

Mohawks in progress!

Looking back, I am amazed at how much things have changed within a year. It was on that occasion that I met the ex.  Therefore, this means that it has been an exact year since Creature's journey into the world began - only, I didn't know it then.

Fast forward a year. I am now sitting at home, wasting time until it is a decent enough of an hour to make some phone calls.  It is currently 7am on a Saturday morning - way too early for most people to be awake unless they spent the night out and about.

Today is my last day of "freedom". Tomorrow I go into hospital, and life will change forever. I will walk out of that hospital no longer as just Rosalind- but as Rosalind, Creature's Mum.

Being the stresshead that I am, I have a lot left to be taken care of. I will probably be repacking my hospital bags today - and pester my siblings into trying out the whole installation of the car seat.  Then I need to sort out some bills, do dishes, sort out some laundry, go the the prenatal class, and tidy up the living room.  I've also got to pick a book to take with me to hospital, pack my camera [when I remember where I put it...], hunt for my mp3 player which I probably won't find, take out the garbage, and probably think of another million things that need to be done.

I hope I manage to find a couple of hours to just chill.  It would be nice to have a small break before facing the 'ordeal' of this huge change that is about to happen.

Whilst doing all of the above, I will be trying to ignore the fact  that soon enough, I will need to fight even harder against nicotine addiction since my quitting was motivated by the pregnancy so far... monetary motivation only works up to a certain extent since if someone offers me a cigarette I won't have any monetary repercussions to face.  I'll also be mentally trying to convince myself that everything  will work out one way or another and that if so many blooming idiots out there manage to raise a child successfully, I see no reason why I'll fail.

At times like these, I miss my Bmod family more than ever.  We've held each others' hand  on countless occasions - shared good times and bad times and helped one another cope with pain of different kinds. I miss my comfort blanky, and my partner in crime, and everyone else.

Bmod Manchester Meet-up Photoshoot by Keri Vegas - 29th January 2011

Some of my other Bmod Family @ Billings, Montana - SkinD 2011 by Jared Kerr [a.k.a. Spock]

Is this the real life?

Last night was yet another sleepless night.  Managed to grab half an hour shut eye this morning, and then 'packed' my laundry which was to be brought at the parents' house to make the most out of the sunny day.  Since they have roof access, it means I can get much more done in a day laundry-wise at theirs rather than at my place - where I only have a small-ish back yard.

Mon  Fr√®re  picked me up along with three bagfuls of laundry, and breakfast was had with my soon-to-be sister-in-law who at the moment is somewhat unwell [thus her being at home rather than at work today].  Laundry day was then commenced.

Right now, everyone in my family - and I'm sure pretty much all you people who are worthy of the title Friend - is trying to deal with the reality of the situation whereby the pregnancy is soon to cease and Creature will actually be in my arms.  To be able to physically see, hear, touch, and most importantly smell, him/her will surely be surreal at first.

Yesterday, my mum was quite flabbergasted at the thought that she will officially be a grandmother in a few days.  Whenever I asked her what was on her mind, she couldn't provide me with an answer.  Her thoughts were all over the place.  I understand where she's coming from as it is similar to my own thoughts.  There is a certain degree of fear - a large degree, that is - and shitloads of insecurities.  There is also curiousity, anxiety, excitement and a million other emotions.

When I asked my soon-to-be sis-in-law how she feels about it, she said she's a bit panicked and would have liked to achieved a few personal goals before Creature got here - such as quitting smoking, being healthier and being richer.  She asked, "Can s/he not stay in there a bit longer?"

I also can relate to her thoughts.  I wish I was in better shape and in a better financial situation myself.  *cue text from landlady re:rent payment as I'm typing this*  I guess I have to make the best out of things as they are.

What I would like is a vat full of that amazing pink liquid in which I can plop my brain and let it soak for a good few days.  I know it is useless worrying about stuff now - and that there is no going back.  And yet, I can't help myself.

*insert generic fist-shaking towards Christine's general direction here*

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Beginning Of The End!

My apologies in taking so long to update you! I needed to crash first.

So, I met up with my mum at about 3:30pm and hopped on the bus to the clinic. We got there at 4pm, to find an empty waiting room. Awesome! Went in to see the midwife straight away.  Blood pressure was fine, weight showed I gained another half a kilo - meaning I'm now at 86kg. I'm happy with that.  We listened to Creature's heartbeat which was strong and steady.  She then asked me if I will be breastfeeding.

I sighed. I told her I was not sure yet,and explained the difficulties I see me facing with breastfeeding and that if I will go down that road, it will only be for the first month or so.  I explained how soon I will be returning to work and the long hours I work.  She seems to have understood where I'm coming from and said that my hesitation is understandable, but that a month is better than none at all and that it is worth giving it a shot.

We then went in to see the Prof. After a few minutes of us waiting for him, he walked into the room and asked us to go into the bigger office which was now vacant.  He asked me to get on the couch, and we did n ultrasound scan.  Everything appeared to be fine.  Creature's growth is spot on!

Then, the words were spoken.

"You will be checking in at the hospital on Sunday at 10:30am"

I nodded and tried to stay calm.  He got the midwife to check how many people were scheduled to give birth on the Monday - and it turned out there were5 of them already.  So he said "OK, so you go in on Sunday for them to keep you under observation, then we start the induction for the birth to happen on Tuesday."

There. You know now. Creature's arrival is scheduled for the 31st of January 2012.

It is somewhat of a nail-biting situation!

I managed to sleep about 3 hours, during which there were two minor interruptions due to phone calls.  Funnily enough, during the second phone call, the person calling me told me to "rest as much as possible today as tomorrow is likely to be a very long day."

I know a bunch of people are anxious to get updates.  It is currently 1:10pm here.  My appointment isn't until 4:30pm. Meaning - updates won' tbe available until this evening.  Nerve-wrecking, right?


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Mister Sandman, bring me a dream?

Whoever coined the saying "Sleeping like a baby" clearly did not have any children of his/her own.  Out of all the people I know with children, only one of them never ever had problems with her child waking up in the middle of the night.

My insomnia is stress-related - and since I'm anywhere between minutes and days away from giving birth at the moment, stress levels are soaring.  I don't know what Creature's sleeping patterns will be like - and my greatest concern is my own insomnia to be honest, not his/her inability to sleep a whole night.  My problem is that when insomnia gets truly chronic, I'd be doing something one minute, and the next I would start nodding off.  I just crash. Inevitably, I worry that this will happen whilst Creature is awake and something might happen which I would end up sleeping through due to sheer exhaustion.  These thoughts don't help me combat the insomnia.

I really, really hope that I will manage to find a solution.  Most people get an hour or so of shut-eye whenever they get someone to babysit for them.Since I only crash when my body decides to, I truly doubt it will be an option for me.  Even when exhausted, I don't manage to sleep on command.

Once Creature is here, I'll know how difficult his/her sleeping pattern will be to cope with. This article gives some hints and tips on how to help your child sleep throughout the night.  I don't know how efficient these suggestions are - but I guess they must work for at least 1 person on the face of the planet.

If you have any suggestions on how to get a child to sleep, feel free to comment!

[The only sure way I know of is a bop on the head. But I'm thinking it really is not an option. What say you?]

The Day After Tomorrow?

Today involved the daunting task of reassembling the Pram,Pushchair and Car Seats.  I'm sure that with practise, the whole process becomes less complicated.  It did involve a fair amount of swearing though.

On a positive note, I found out that I can get the wheels repaired.  I purchased the 3-in-1 travel system off someone else, and the front wheels do unlock to swirl around 360 degrees - however the moment they are straight again, they lock.  Also, the breaks don't seem to function.  Recently a shop selling solely items of this particular brand opened nearby, so I asked my mother to check for me whether they would be able to repair one even though it was not purchased as new from their shop and they said it can be done.  This means that next month, I'll be hopefully getting it fixed since this month finances are quite tight.

Tomorrow is D-Day.  I get to find out whether Creature is to be born this weekend or not.  I'm anxious and excited as well about it.  I will post an update the moment I get home after the doctor's appointment since I haven't yet managed to set up blog postings from my Blackberry.  I know it is done by sending an e-mail from the phone, however I can't seem to figure out how to sync the phone to the Blogger account as of yet.  Anyone who may be able to illuminate me on how this can be done, please do.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

'Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems, in a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams.

It is a well-known fact that I am a bibliophile - as I have mentioned in a previous blog, in fact.  I own hundreds of books - literally - and consider them to be my most prized possession.  Inevitably, I am hoping that my child will follow in my footsteps so that one day we may share the pain-in-the-arse task of having to pack up our books to move houses together. Oh,and to be able to enjoy reading and discussing books and to go to book fairs and bookshops and libraries together, of course.

I have already filled in a shelf with baby books - mostly thanks to my dear friends who gave a few books as gifts.  There were a few books from my childhood which I managed to part ways with and place them officially in Creature's collection.  I know though, that I will be needing a second copy of some of the books.  The ones I am unable to part ways with are mainly my battered copies of the Magic Faraway Tree series by Enid Blyton, my Roald Dahl Books,and my Neil Gaiman books.  Having said that, I can't wait til I get to read The Dangerous Alphabet to Creature, or Blueberry Girl - or even The BFG, The Witches and Matilda!

As newborns, children don't really understand words, so vibrant pictures tend to be as important as the silly voices you make when reading out a story to them.  In spite of not understand the meaning behind the words immediately, books that have a rich,varied vocabulary are of great benefit as it will enable the child[ren] in question to better grasp the concept of language when the time is right.

A lot of my American friends speak highly of Dr Seuss's books, which I understand are deemed to be modern-day classics.  In all honesty, I have never read any of them myself as I grew up reading different classics - of a more British variety, in way.  Having said that, I have every intention of popping my Dr Seuss Cherry soon enough, meaning there is no need to disown me as a friend [which I have been threatened by not too long ago by a good friend of mine].

Nursery Rhymes are also an important aspect of childhood reading.  I highly recommend getting a couple of books which have a mixture of stories and nursery rhymes in them - such as this book, or this one.

One piece of advice- if you manage to find the time, try to read a sample of the book you intend to buy.  It will help you make sure that the content is something you are happy to have your child exposed to.  This book is a prime example of why it is always best to check the content.  I myself own this book - I purchased it from a local shop, where it was shelved in the Children's Books section - in spite of having written on the back cover that it is not suitable for young readers.  Due to the staff running the shop assuming that it is in  fact a children's book, I'm sure quite a few parents have been asked by their child[ren] what rape means.  I would have loved to witness such an event play out and watch a furious parent confronting the shop's staff, to be honest.

The Internet is an awesome source for stories - a simply Google search will provide you with tons of free stuff you can print out for your child, if a book is not something you can afford for the time being.

For further reading about the mentioned books and/or authors:
Roald Dahl's books
Neil Gaiman's Children's books


I can tell that the end of the road is near.  There have been bodily changes I've noticed over the past few days. Creature is still growing at a steady pace - I know because my belly started itching,meaning the skin is stretching even further.  Movements are still going strong.

Thankfully, s/he seems to have settled in an upside down L position for the past few weeks.   This does mean though that I'm off-centred, and that my right side gets all the kicks. S/he is getting somewhat cramped, meaning a kick is pretty visible, and I can actually feel the bottom of his/her foot clearly.I can distinguish the heel from the toes.  Creature seems to have pretty big feet! Just like his/her mother I guess!

S/he is in the process of engaging him/herself for birth, meaning there now is somewhat of a pressure happening down below.  It is also weird to feel punches so far down coming from inside! The building up of pressure means sitting down can be somewhat uncomfortable.  It is an odd ache to explain.  It somewhat resembles the achiness you feel after a good workout following along period with no physical activity whatsoever. Only, this is affecting the internal muscles of your Ladybits.

I'm constantly exhausted and insomnia is killing me.  I pretty much am trying to crash as much as I can whenever sleep threatens to overtake me.  My back is pretty achy, but my hips are aching even more.  It feels as if I need to crack them to get some relief... but I can't.

38 and a half weeks

I have also noticed a change in my skin - which is the major indication of hormonal changes.  Dry skin is  back with a vengeance,   and I'm getting spotty again.

Also, there have been changes when it comes to boobs as well.I can tell they're getting ready to turn me into a cow.  With their filling in [even more than usual], it gives the breasts a more perky stance [yay!] so for the last few moments of this pregnancy, I can stop feeling as if they were inches away from becoming my belly button's new neighbours.

Tomorrow will be a day of potentially swearing my head off at the pram/pushchair/car seats as I try to reassemble them- wish me luck!

Can't say 'boobies' without picturing this!

Monday, 23 January 2012

The Wheel Keeps On Turning

As some of you may know, at the moment there is a bit of a chaotic situation happening within my family healthwise.  I really think the hospital should assign us a room to pitch a tent in and save us the trouble of coming and going there on a regular basis.

My grandmother was released from hospital 3 days ago after being there for about 10 days due to her doctor's suspicions  that she might be having early signs of renal failure and/or gastric issues.  She wasn't able to take any of her meds for a while as she couldn't hold anything she's ingest down.  At hospital they put her on intravenous medications and she responded to treatment very quickly. 

The issue is this - since being sent back home, she went back to square one.  Meaning, this evening, she got referred back to hospital by her doc.  She is currently laying on a stretcher in the Emergency Room with my mum to keep her company, waiting for a bed to be assigned to her and for more tests to be carried out.

This year is a year of radical changes within my family.  Not only is Creature due any minute now, but my brother is also getting married later on in the year.  These are both events that my Gran is really looking forward to.

Knowing how her health is failing her lately, it does make me wonder whether she will be around to witness these two events. As bad as this may sound, I am making a conscious effort to keep in mind that everyone is here on borrowed time, and that at 82years of age, she has had a good long life.  Kinda trying to prepare myself for the inevitable, since it must happen sooner or later.  I can only hope that it will be later though.

It also makes me wish for Creature to be born sooner, just to make sure she gets to meet him/her. Few people get to meet their great-grandchildren. I'd like her to be one of those few.

A handful of bits and bobs

This has been a long day. Not having managed to sleep at all last night, house chores this morning were even more exhausting.  On the plus side,I managed to strip down the travel 'furniture' i.e. pram, pushchair and car seats, so that I could disinfect their fabric.

When it comes to the stripping down of such items, I would recommend  to get the assistance of an experienced person, such as a friend who has children below the age of 10.  The friend in question would still have a vivid memory of how it is done therefore speeding up the process.  Make sure you follow attentively what is removed from where, as the reassembly will be a nightmare otherwise.  If possible, get the friend to commit to come over to help you reassemble the 'furniture' should you not manage to do so by yourself.

I'm currently working  on another doll - the details of which will remain secret for the time being.  The reason is that I'm making 2 of the same - one for Creature, and one for a friend of mine who offered ever so nicely to make us a Nappy Bag.  I'm loving the large amount of handmade items Creature is accumulating.  I know s/he won't appreciate it for now, but when older, I'm sure s/he will appreciate the time, energy and effort put into the making of such items.

By the way, do you people recall the blog regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder?  I came across this article,which I though may be of interest.  Seems like psychiatrists are wrestling with the same question I ponder frequently myself - where does one draw the line between quirky/unusual and abnormal? Having said that,I feel that this revision is a step backwards.  We'll see how it will affect people worldwide I guess.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Silver Screen Issues

Yesterday evening I went to watch a really disappointing remake of Footloose at the cinema with two of my siblings and their partners.  Besides from having extremely annoying guys sitting behind me whose ideal job would be Sports Commentators, as well as the movie sucking big time, there was one other thing I want to complain about.

This cinema in particular provides booster seats for children - that is something pretty awesome.  Back in my day, we used to have to balance on the folded-up seat and try not to fall off it in order to be able to get a better view of the screen.  The one thing this cinema does not provide, is a nappy changer.

At first I  thought that it could be located in the disabled toilets, so I checked. Nope, no luck there.

Now I understand people rolling their eyes and thinking that a movie theatre is no place for babies. Fair enough.  Potty training can start as early as when the child is 18 months of age.  However, you still find 2 or 3 year olds in nappies when out/  Potty training is messy and a lot of parents don't want to risk accidents happening when out and about.

There is no minimum age limit to go to a cinema.  After all, movies marked as Universal are appropriate for all ages.  Why shouldn't a toddler be taken to a cinema? If they can sit still through a movie, why not?  I just feel that a nappy changing facility would be appropriate to have if you're trying to have a young target audience amongst your clientele.

I Fought The Law and The Law Won

This morning, I woke up to everyone forwarding a link to an article regarding what seems to be a Hate Crime. I believe the most shocking part is the fact that according to Maltese Law, hate crime at the moment only covers racial hatred - not sexual orientation.

The Maltese Legal System is pretty outdated at times.  In a Society where a pothead growing plants at home gets jailed for longer, and fined considerably more, than thieves involved in hold-ups or reckless drivers who plough down children, no wonder a lot of people are quickly losing faith in the system.

I for one have long maintained that we live in a state blanketed by a false sense of a security. The real social issues such as poverty, homelessness, hate crimes, etc are all swept under the rug or played down to be easily shrugged off and have the spotlight turned away from them.

I know quite a lot of foreigners who moved to Malta not just for the Sun, but because it is a "safe place" to raise their children. Truly, I don't think any place is safe any more.  Yes, you can walk down the street at 4am on your own and not be mugged,assaulted or raped more often than not.  However, that does not mean we live in a safe place. 

If we look at statistics, we could easily be misled into believing Malta to be some sort of Earthly Paradise.  The truth is - those statistics are usually biased and do not portray the true picture- especially when people are encouraged to keep everything hushed in order not to stir up more shit.

Everyone seems willing to complain about how badly things are going in this country - but few are willing to make their voices heard and speak up for themselves.  The vast majority of people are happy to just grumble about the status quo and do fuck all about  it - simply not to be in the spotlight.

It might come to a lot of people as a surprise - but I consider myself to be an Anarcho-Pacifist.  Whilst I'm aware that Anarchism is doomed for failure when you try to put it in practise purely due to the egoistical nature of humans, to me it is still the one political stance that makes the most sense to me. We can agree to disagree about this if you'd like.

Looking at the world around me, it makes me wonder how on Earth am I meant to teach Creature to believe in a system I myself have lost faith in a long time ago. Where the laws put in place fail to protect our best interests, I find that you simply have to play the bureaucratic red-tape bullshit games just to survive at times.  I came to this conclusion by myself back in my early teenage years.

I understand that it is not expected that I try to explain politics and whatnot to Creature when s/he is still very young- however I can't help but wonder how the heck I'm to approach the subject when the time comes.

When it comes to my Pacifist tendencies - well, it is a topic that is often portrayed in movies where one parent doesn't condone violence, and the other one does. In my case, there isn't a second parent to play the Good Cop Bad Cop routine with.  I can only hope that Creature takes an interest in Martial Arts.  I myself used to practise a long time ago- and I recall the emphasis placed on the fact that this was to be considered merely Self Defence, not a manner to learn how to beat people up for the sake of it. 

On a completely unrelated note, I'd like to introduce you to Blackberry Bear- born in the early hours of the morning.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I placed my memories in teddy bear’s paws, My fondest dreams, my wishes and all

Last night I finished what seems to be the first of many Teddy Bears.  It was surprisingly easy to make, in spite of having a mind boggling pattern at first. Once the pattern was figured out though, it became an easy task.  IT felt less like crafting and more like simple assembly.

I've decided to call this one Blueberry Bear- a pun on the colour and kind of animal he is.

Blueberry Bear

 Blueberry Bear& Bunny

I'm a sucker for puns and bad jokes.It isn't the first time that I think up something that seems hilarious to me, however no one else gets it purely because the pun is too obscure for them to figure out.  If Creature inherits my sense of humour, s/he is doomed.  At least as far as others are concerned.

The chances are that this will indeed be the case since I'm likely to be his/her main influence throughout the childhood years. Children pick up on other people's habits and mimic them.It is only further down the line that they learn how to figure things out for themselves. This is why I'm hoping to be able to find a way to prevent passing on my lisp to Creature.

Yes, I have a lisp. It isn't that extreme a case, however the way I see it is this - children aren't born with accents - they pick them up by imitating other people's when learning how to talk. I see a lisp or any other kind of speech defect as no different to accents.  

When I tried to research this theory to see if  it has any scientific backing, I didn't find much.  When it comes to inheriting speech defects the only information I could find was genetic inheritance. A lisp is merely caused by incorrect tongue placement when pronouncing certain letters.  Therefore, if the role model on which a child is basing his/her learning when it comes to speech, has issues with correctly forming certain sounds, is it not logical that they will learn things the wrong way as well?

There is still a lot I need to look into when it comes to this topic in particular.  My advice is this though - if you too have a similar issue, try to fix it before you have children.  It might save them a fair amount of bullying.

Friday, 20 January 2012

An angel; or, if not, An earthly paragon.

Lately, whoever I talk to - mainly people who don't know me that well, to be honest - well... they are all going for the "Soon you'll have a little angel" approach. Every time I read that, it makes me giggle. 

Seriously, Creature is my child. I don't expect him/her to be angelic.If anything, s/he'll probably be a little terror.  Considering there is the whole Doomsday Prophecy thing going on this year, it got me thinking, and I figured that it is probably referring to the day when Creature takes his/her first steps. It is very possible that the date will indeed be the 21st of December 2012.  As soon as those first steps are taken, that is where the real trouble will begin!

My faith in his/her being an Angel is nonexistent - to the extent of my having obtained clothing and bibs with Little Monster[s] as a theme.  To be fair, they are cute monsters. Still, I know I was no angel back in my days, so I don't expect my child to be otherwise.

To me though, being a little terror does not mean not having manners or being inconsiderate.  It just means being fun and getting up to mischief. There is such a thing as safe mischief after all. I should know - I'm guilty of several accounts of such occurrences.

The Calm Before The Storm

I don't know if this happens to you guys as well - but, whenever I'm close to a deadline, instead of panicking, a strange calm overtakes me.   My mind gets split in two.  There will be one half urging me to get to work on whatever it is, screaming and running about, throwing a scene.  The other half will opt for a laid back attitude where procrastination is dominant.

At the moment,I've got a list of things that need to be done before the end of next week [for obvious reasons], however the only thing I feel like doing is sleep.  Knowing that this will be the last few moments of complete silence I will be getting for a while makes me appreciate it more and wanting to savour it.

Tomorrow I've got another prenatal class.  I must remember to let the midwife know that this may very well be my last one so that if there is any important info she needs to dish out, I'll be sure to obtain it.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what the doll I was making is, here's the finished result:

Yep. It is a bunny rabbit.

 As silly as it may sound,  the idea that Creature will be popping out soon is strange. People around me, as well as myself, got used to the pregnancy. To think that there will be another major change happening puts you back to square one where you have to learn how to deal with it all. 

I'm quite looking forward to finding out whether Creature is a boy or a girl. It will be odd not calling him/her Creature after having used that nickname for so long! 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

This is ourselves - Under pressure

So, today I had my doc's appointment. I met up with my mum and grabbed a quick bite before catching the bus to go to the doc's clinic.   Got stopped by numerous annoying promoters trying to sell random crap [such as Vodafone promoters blablabla] - which I obviously ignored.  There were two such promoters though that I stopped to talk to - they were raising funds for a girl who used to work with me - Angie Bajada - who was involved in a really bad bike accident a while back and is nowadays in a vegetative state.  She was 21 years of age when this happened, and has a very young daughter.

On the bus, it got me thinking.

How many risks have I taken in the past without giving it a second thought? More than I care to remember.  I don't know what would be the hardest thing to deal with - watching your own parents grieve for you, or watching your child[ren].  What would be best, to live in a vegetative state or to die?  It somehow puts things into perspective and makes you understand what must have been going through your parents' heads whenever they warned you to be careful - or got upset at your being reckless.

Once at the clinic, it didn't take long for us to see the midwife.  Turns out I gained 500 grams within a week.  Acceptable in my books.  She listened to Creature's heartbeat which she was pleased with, and checked some other stuff. All was well.

This led to us waiting for a while longer for the Doc to see us.  After a short while, it was our turn.  Doc did the ultrasound scan, and the first thing he tried to check was the BPD [explained in this previous blog].  He goes "How big is this baby's head?! The computer is saying 'Out of range' when I try to measure it!"  This made me giggle - if a bit nervously at the thought of Creature's big head having to be squeezed out of me.

Anyway.  He managed to take a measurement and checked that everything else is up to speed as well.  Doc then says "I'm guessing you're eating correctly, right? I would think so, judging by the baby's development." Yay!

So, once I get off the couch, he proceeds to tell me "I will see you next week, and I will probably then send you off to hospital the following day."


Doc carries on to say "Next Thursday, during your appointment, we'll see how the development is going, and I'll give you the date of when you'll be admitted into hospital next week.  It will probably be the  Friday, otherwise we risk the Baby becoming too big.  We'll use this gel to get things going, then after about 12 hours we use it again, and the contractions will do everything by themselves.  We'll just be giving it a little push."

This means that by next weekend, Creature is likely to be here!!  It is scary,exciting, and every other emotion in between!

On this note, I'm off to bite my fingernails some more.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What's going on?

As you might have noticed, my blogging has slowed down over the past few days.  This is due to 2 main factors.  The first being that the space key on my keyboard has been pissing me off by only working when it wants to.The second reason is a sudden increase in exhaustion and aches.

Being more tired and achy that usual means I can't concentrate as much on what I write, nor on doing research. Sucks, but I have to deal with it.

So, for now I just wanted to share that little update, and also say that being so close to giving birth is scary.I don't know if it is just me or not - but I feel like running away from it all. No matter how much research I do, I still feel unprepared.

I've been crafting some more over the past couple of days.  I would normally have finished this doll already had I not been having worse back problems than what I grew accustomed to.  So, I figure it will be completed in a couple of days' time. Here's what I'm working on:


Guessed what it is yet?

Tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment, so I should be having more updates then.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I'll protect you from the hooded claw, Keep the vampires from your door.

Baby Proofing your house will be a nightmare - so get help.  I'm still in the process of accomplishing Baby Proofing Nirvana myself as it is a rather lengthy process.  There are so many things we take for granted that once you begin taking into consideration all them tiny details, it can become rather overwhelming.

The most important things to begin with are having clear floors.  It will be a few months before Baby will start crawling.  Clear floors also means super-clean floors.  If cost is not that much of an issue, and you live in a building with tiled floors, I'd advise you to get one of them "magic brooms" that make sweeping the floors a much easier task.  That way, if you don't have the time and/or energy to wash the floors everyday, you'll at least have pretty clean floors anyway.  When it comes to washing floors, you might wish to invest in a good mop.  It speeds up the process both when it comes to cleaning and to the floors drying up.

Make sure to pick up every single tiny thing that is on the floor the moment you notice it.  This can be coins, beads, candy wrappers, a piece of string, a button - you name it.  As a generic rule of thumb, if something is smaller than the hollow bit in the cardboard roll of toilet paper, then it presents a choking hazard.

Cover up any unused electric sockets with a child-proof cover.  This will minimise the chances of accidental electrocution. Also, tie up any loose wires that might be dangling like vines in a jungle under your desk.  Your Baby will soon turn into Tarzan if allowed.

Put nonslip mats in bathtub and on the floor next to the tub.  Make sure all toiletries and out of children's reach. And make it a habit to put the toilet lid down when not in use.

The more mobile your child becomes, the more precautions you will need to take. Here is a pretty extensive check-list that will help you ensure everything is taken care of.

For other Safety-related blog entries, clicky here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Why my friends are cooler than yours

As I've mentioned in a previous blog, Bmod people are awesome!

Since Creature is a Bmod Baby [i.e. conceived by two Bmod members who actually met at a Bmod Official event], s/he has been treated as such from Day 1.  Seriously.  To most people, a Baby Bump is just that. The baby huddled up inside seems  to be an abstract entity... whereas the mother-to-be becomes a Uterus On Legs.

When it comes to Creature though, Bmodders have universally adopted an approach of addressing him/her separately to myself, and the excitement levels of us meeting in person, and them meeting Creature,are completely separate too.I consider that to be pretty damn awesome!

In the meanwhile, quite a few friends have been sending gifts for Creature. They are very much appreciated!   I don't have photos of every single gift at the moment, so I'll just include a couple.

Awesome Pirate Quilt by Cap'n Eui

Punny and geeky clothing from Kyrie & Andy

Serious thought has been put after each and every gift - which makes it even more amazing.  I love that Creature is so well-loved already.  I can't wait til the two of us get to travel and meet our Bmod family!

Monday, 16 January 2012

In the backseat of my Cadillac

Whether you're a passenger or a driver, you will surely be familiar with this scene:

Stressed out parent[s] trying to ignore their child[ren] who is/are busy bouncing all around the backseat, possibly kneeling on the seat facing backwards, waving at the cars behind theirs.

Locally, the concept of wearing seatbelts whilst riding in the backseat is still not that popular.  The idea of child carseats even less so.  Thankfully, on each and every hospital list, there tends to be a carseat listed as a requirement for when you leave hospital.

When I was looking to buy a 3-in-1 travel system, I mentioned the need of a carseat to my mum, who seemed oblivious to the need of having such a security device.  She is an educated person and pretty much up to date with current events- and yet, the concept was foreign to her.  The same can undoubtedly be said about a large portion of the population - especially those above a certain age.

An article I came across earlier reminded me of this topic. In it, there was mentioned that in the US, it has been reported that accidents are the major cause of children's deaths.  Namely car accidents.

It is literally of vital importance that you install the baby carseat properly.

I personally don't drive myself - however 4 people in my immediate family do [actually 5, however I rarely ride with the 5th person].  This means that I will be pestering all of them  to come by for us to try and fit the carseat before Creature arrives - otherwise I'll be screwed when it comes to getting Creature home from hospital after giving birth.

The more cars you familiarise yourself with attaching the carseat in, the better. You never know who might be picking you up - so if you have an idea of how to install the seat in advance, it will reduce frustrations that might arise once you have a squirming crying baby sitting in the seat itself.

If you happen to buy a 2nd hand carseat - make sure it has not been involved in an accident, and that it is not too old.  If the seat you purchase does not come with a manual, do your utmost to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

How not to screw up another person's day

You would think people would be more considerate when they will be potentially needing something from you - such as a business transaction.Well, you'd be wrong.

On Thursday I received a phone call from my landlady asking if I will be home on Saturday morning, as a real estate agent and a potential buyer wished to view the place.  The place where I live is for sale - so even though it had been a few months since someone came to have a look at it, this was not unexpected.  I said I would be - even though it was between 8am and 10am - silly o'clock in my books.

No one showed up. No one called, emailed or texted.

I thought that maybe the landlady forgot to contact me, and just shrugged it off. She called again today to say that she was contacted by the Agent again today who had not warned her that they did not show up, and to ask if I'll be home at around 4pm. I said I would be and would let her know if they don't show up.

Needless to say,by 5pm no one had come by. When I texted her, she said that again, no one contacted her- and that she called the Agent herself to find out what's up.  Agent said the potential buyers got stuck in the rainstorm.

At this point in time, I'm tolerating this kind of crap. However, should something like this happen after  Creature is born, there will be hell to pay.


Well, children need a strict routine.  Otherwise life will become too difficult for you as a parent. This means that bedtime should be at a fixed hour. Waking up should too.  Feedings as well.

Now, if someone tells me they'd be coming over at a specific time, I would have to make sure it does not disrupt Creature's schedule.  If they show up late, then they'll just have to sod off and come back another time.

Another reason is going out.  To go anywhere with a baby/toddler, it can take you a couple of hours to get both of you ready, and gather all you might need in a bag.  Having someone not honouring their appointment means it would throw off the rest of the day.

This little rant will perhaps come in useful for those of you who are childless and/or forgot what it means to have a very young child to cater for in your household. If you agree to a plan, stick to it, or cancel way in advance.  If you're running late, it should be common courtesy to warn the person waiting for you.

Dream a little dream of me

Dreams are evil little bastards. At this moment in time, I seem to be dreaming extremely vividly- mainly about things that worry me,or random nonsense. This means that I wake up more exhausted than ever and need to sleep again.

Vivid dreams are very common throughout pregnancy - especially in the last trimester.  Trying to interpret the dream can be somewhat tricky as the standard dream meanings may not apply. This means you just have to accept it as yet another annoying symptom and ignore it.

I just wonder whether I will ever get a good night's sleep ever again.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Off-topic: Stats update

Wow. Yesterday was one hell of a busy day for the blog! New records were set-which I'd like to share with you.  I started the blog for my own satisfaction- to help me unclutter my thoughts- but seeing these kind of stats motivates me to keep on writing. Thanks to each and every one of you for showing such a keen interest and for being so supportive!

 Highest amount of hits in an hour!

Previous highest amount of hits in a day - 283. Yesterday - 472!


The Baby Shower Chronicles: Part 2

6pm, and I am alone.  It has been a long day, but an enjoyable one indeed.  Out of the friends I had invited, only 2 managed to make it - some had other plans,others had to work,others still were poorly or hungover.  Quality over quantity is the way to go though! So, it was just myself, my elder sis,my mum, my future sis-in-law, and a couple of friends.

My sis went through  the trouble of making - yes, making, not buying - a Nappy Cake [with her boyfriend's assistance - so a big thank you goes to him too!], and his sister did an awesome job at making the cake!  She also did orgasmic cake lollipops which everyone loved.  Having less people attend meant more cake for us all. YAY!

Once everyone arrived, we all chilled in the living room, talking and having generic banter whilst making sure our stomachs were appeased.  At one point.one of my friends decided we should play a game and see if we can guess my circumference by means of a string cut at the appropriate length. Not having string at hand,we used wool instead. It turned out that I overestimated myself and cut a piece that was way longer! My mother, on the other hand,got extremely close to guessing the correct measurement. I guess she had enough training over the years, whats with buying clothes for me without my being there.

The game was followed by another guessing game- this time, to try and figure out Cartoons Theme songs ranging from the 80s up until today. Needless to say, I did well where the 80s were involved but sucked at modern day cartoons.

Even more banter was had, during which we were discussing names and how inconsiderate it is for parents to go for certain names which provoke bullying.

This is the playlist I created for the occasion:

All in all, it was good fun! When we cut the cake open, a surprise awaited us!

RAINBOW! I love rainbows! The Amazing Amanda [the mastermind behind Little Mama's Cakes] actually baked each coloured layer separately. Truly, she is one of those women that all other women secretly hate for her talent, and yet can't help but commissioning her to cater for their special occasions because her cakes are so scrumptious.

Cake was had with even more banter, this time, discussing the hawtness that is Edward Norton, and the success Thor had with the generic female population the moment his shirt came off.  Robert Downey Jr was also drooled over,obviously!  Yes - we were discussing the up and coming Avengers Movie. That will be one occasion I'll have to get someone to babysit Creature for.

Not my cup of tea, but anyway.

Eventually, it was getting late for everyone, and I was exhausted.  Everyone helped with tidying up, the cake was split in generous portions for people to take home with them, and we all parted ways.

Good times!