Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Six Six Five - The Neighbour Of The Beast

Thursday 12th April:
So, what happened today?

Morgan woke me up at about 5:15am wanting to be fed. We finished the cleaning up and feeding at about 5:45am and we slept some more. She then woke me up again at about 9:15am with a backfist flying in my face.

I stayed in bed next to her, watching her sleep until it was time to feed her.
Once fed she nodded off again so I put her in her rocker, and she woke up soon after. She was quietly playing with the dangling toys, so I managed to grab a quick bite, do some laundry and prepare her bottles.
We then spent the day playing and watching movies. This was our Quiet Day In, which was much needed. Going places with Morgan can be very tiring - both mentally and physically. Being aware of my surroundings all the time to ensure she's safe is just as tiring as pushing the pram uphill or holding it still on the bus.

Friday 13th April:
We woke up at around the same time as the previous day, and we watched more movies. My plan was to have another quiet day in, however plans changed the moment my mum came over. She immediately started to hint I should go out so that Morgan can sleep over at their's.

I tried to ignore the nagging, but eventually gave in. I told my mum I'd bathe Morgan before we leave, but my mum insisted I should do it once at my grandma's house lest Morgan catches a cold. With a sigh, I agreed to do it her way. BIG MISTAKE.
Halfway there, Morgan started getting restless as she wanted her bath and to be fed. I turned on the music on my phone and stuck it in the pram for her to listen to. The moment she heard Mr Mercury sing "Its a kind of magic," she stopped all the fussing. My mum was impressed by Morgan's musical tastes!

Once we reached our destination, I immediately bathed Morgan and fed her right after. She started getting cranky after her bath and feed, so I turned on the music again, and once more she stopped all the fuss and fell asleep within a matter of minutes.

I decided I should try going out since Morgan was settled. And so out I went!

There was a 50s/60s party going on which I decided to check out... I didn't last an hour there. Went to my usual haunt instead - and bumped into a friend. We hung out for a while and at about 2am I made my way home.

4 and a half hours. Not bad.
Once home, I hopped into bed and snuggled up with Morgan.

Saturday 14th April:

We woke up relatively early, as the plan was to go to Medieval Mdina. This is an annual event spread over two days where the old capital city is transformed into a Medieval Fair with sword fighting, music, lots and lots of food, street vendors etc. Museums also have reduced prices to encourage locals and tourists alike to go in and have a look at whatever is on display.
The weather was rather uncertain, so it took us a while before summoning up the courage to attempt our outing. But, attempt it we did.

We got to Mdina at about 12:30pm and we walked around for a while, pausing every so often to watch whatever activity was going on. We managed to catch a show by a sicilian group of flag-bearer-waver-thingmabob group. The weather was still playing up and suddenly it started to drizzle. My mum, Morgan and I ran into the Priory Cafe for lunch.

The Cafe is quite impressive. Considering how old the whole of the city is, and that Malta is bursting full of history, it is not uncommon for said history to be found in layers. Literally. When I went into the restroom to change Morgan's nappy (alas, no nappy changer was available, so the pram had to make do as a surface for the nappy changing business.) I noticed that there was a glass pane to the side, creating a sort of balcony effect. When you look over the 'balcony' side of the restroom (this section only contains the sink.. The toilets are behind closed doors), you get to look at what's underground. And what is underground is an alcove of sorts with what seems to be a female Roman Statue lying down.
Right after lunch we roamed around the streets again. We met a good friend of mine who happened to be over here on holiday (visiting family) and caught up. We watched the last tune by a german folk band called Liudon Incorruptus, followed by an illusionist's performance and a sword fight. Morgan fell asleep in my arms after a while, however she did seem to be captivated by the performances!

Soon after, we made our way out of the city, caught the bus and made our way back over to my grandma's house.
Having had quite a struggle all day against the strong winds dominating the island all morning, both Morgan and I were quite wiped out, so we decided to stay for the night. Morgan fell asleep at about 6:30pm and slept til morning (with the exception of when I woke her up to feed her).

Sunday 15th April:

Once awake, we took it easy all morning, as the weather was still a bit unstable- or so the weather forecast claimed.

In the early afternoon, we headed back home. The journey back here was rather hectic, as it was still rather windy and silly me wore a dress. This meant I had a few Marilyn Monroe moments. Someone's day was made as a consequence. Ah well. If one can't laugh at themselves, then life surely would be way more stressful than it already is.

Once home, Morgan and I just cuddled up and played until bedtime.

Monday 16th April:

Monday morning, I got Morgan fed and cleaned up and we made our way over to my Grandma's. Shortly after we arrived, my mum showed up. I needed to run off for a few brief moments as I had to go check out a piece of furniture from some guy who lives round the corner from my Grandma's house.

I didn't have a mobile number for the guy and the doorbell didn't work, so I stood on the corner waiting for him to show up. As it happens, I started singing "Figaro" in my head whilst I waited. That seems to be my permanent "hold music", so to speak.

After about 10 minutes of standing on the corner feeling like a lady-of-the-night, if you catch my drift, I see the door open. The guy was in the house all along!

I had a look at the furniture, thanked the guy and went back home. I'm afraid it was a no-go, mainly due to it having S-shaped legs. I'm paranoid about it potentially toppling over once Morgan starts walking. I can't really anchor every single piece of furniture here since it is a rental place, otherwise the house will start looking less like a human residence and more like a slab of cheese.

I then got extremely pissed off due to matters which I won't divulge here. Let's just say that people's communication skills need a major upgrade at times.
I decided it was time to go home, and so I put Morgan in her pram, and went to get another bag from the other room. I wasn't away for even 10 seconds, but upon my return I peek into the pram only to find Morgan with her index finger stuck up her nostril.

I couldn't stop laughing. Thanks to Morgan my mood went from murderous rage to hysterical laughter in 0.001 seconds.
My mum tagged along, and stayed with us whilst I bathed Morgan. Soon after, she bade us farewell. Morgan and I got to chill for the rest of the evening. She fell asleep shortly after though.

I woke her up at about 11.30pm to clean her up and feed her, and then both of us got to call it a night.

 Morgan snoozing! 16th April 2012

Tuesday 17th April (a.k.a today):

Morgan woke me up at about 6:45am to have her nappy changed and to be fed. Right after feeding her I prepared her bottles for the rest of the day and made myself a coffee.

Morgan decided she wanted to stay up after being fed, and so we went to the living room where we got to play a bit. She nodded off in my arms about an hour later though. That meant one thing - time for me to catch up on blogging! It is now 8:43pm and I'm not done typing away yet!
She slept right through to her next feed. Just as we were about to finish the feed, my soon-to-be sis-in-law showed up for a long overdue catching-up-over-coffee session. Morgan got to play a bit with her beloved Auntie Melzy, and we discussed her pending wedding related topics.

Playtimes! 17th April 2012
Shortly after she left, my mum came over with goodies. She stayed at mine for about an hour and then got picked up.

Morgan's evening feed wasn't due until 8pm, however usually it happens between 6pm and 7pm, before which she's accustomed to having a bath. Routine won her over and by 7pm she was crankily demanding her bath and bottle.
Onesie turban :D

As usual, she passed out right after being fed.
It is now 10:02pm. By the time I upload this entry, it'll be time for her last feed of the day. Therefore I bid you all good night!

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