Friday, 30 December 2011

Alive and Kickin'

Last night was yet another insomnia-ridden experience.  This meant,I got to watch my Belly Show. I finally managed to capture a brief moment of it on video - which you can see below:

I uploaded this video clip to my Facebook account, and most of my friends who have never experienced pregnancy first hand seemed to be somewhat traumatised.  I've been told by a handful of them that they didn't think there would be so much movement going or, nor that it would be THAT clearly visible.  To be fair, I', sure that on some level - be it conscious or subconscious, they made the link to the famous Alien scene.  Not sure which one I'm referring to? Shame on you!! Here you go!

When I was first told it would be visible, I myself made the connection with the chest burster scene and thought I would probably freak out if I see something moving inside of me.  Instead, I just tend to giggle at it all most of the time, with a "Ouch, stop that will you?" thrown in every so often, especially when Creature throws in a mega-kick or punch.

As painful as the movement tends to be most of the time, it means that all is well and I don't have to worry.  Before I started feeling movements, I used to worry all the time whether Creature is ok in there.

Other mums tend to tell me "I miss being pregnant - I miss feeling the movements inside of me."  One of my mum-friends actually went to the extent of saying that she envies me for being pregnant, and that she was really upset after giving birth - on both occasions [seeing as she is a mother of two] - just because she felt deprived of the movements.

I can imagine getting nostalgic about it, one way or another - however the trick with nostalgia is to recall both good and bad stuff related to the topic.  That way, you can move forward instead of getting stuck to dwell in the past.

I keep picturing what the first few moments will be like, once Creature is born.  I have half-jokingly said that if I have a boy and call him Duncan, I want to listen to Princes of the Universe the moment he is born.  The plan has changed to a gender neutral one now - once they hand him/her over to me, I just want to go.... "IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!!!! ALIIIIIIVE!!!!"  Think the midwife and medical stuff will mind? :D

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