Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Patience is running thin, I'm afraid!

I'm currently in my 34th week, and I can't wait for it to all be over and done with.  Whose genial idea was it to make human pregnancy 40 friggin weeks anyway?  It is waaaaay too long.

I miss sleeping on my belly - in fact that is one of the first things I plan on doing the moment Creature pops out.  I also miss being able to do daily activities without running out of breath after 5 minutes.  Oh, and eating a meal without having to stop half-way through to get up in order to stretch and try to lessen the back pains.   Or bending down to pick up something without getting dizzy.  And I'm so over mint-flavoured stuff! Whoever decided that the Gaviscon chewable tables should be mint flavoured out to be locked up in a mint-coloured room, surrounded by mint-scented stuff, forced to eat minty stuff and drink mint tea, and brush his/her teeth with mint-flavoured toothpaste.  That way, s/he'll know what its like having to rely on them chewable tablets to try and limit the heartburn.

I know I will then probably complain about the stinky nappies, the constant crying, and a variety of other stuff.  Honestly though... I just miss my body, and am really looking forward to having my internal organs shift back to their place and being able to move about, and sleep, comfortably.  As far away from minty stuff as possible.

Unless we're talking about THE Mint.  Then by all means, THAT Mint is always welcome!

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  1. as always I love the tongue in cheek ending of your entries lofl... :)