Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What if you were 1 in a million?

A couple of months ago or so, I revived an old passion of mine - researching about "freaks of nature" - to use the non-pc term.  Whatever mental images crossed your mind are probably medical anomalies I've researched/read about/ watched documentaries about.

On my way to the doc's for a check-up, I happened to mention this series of awesome documentaries I had been watching on Youtube called "Extraordinary People" to my mum.  What I got was a look of horror and shock, and her telling me "Don't watch those things, in your condition."

Her response is exactly what pisses me off.  Too many people are happy putting on blinkers and not educating themselves about the 1-in-a-million medical conditions that exist.  Why? Because they believe that.... "Surely, it cannot happen to me!"

Well, guess again. It might be a 1 in a million probability. But someone, somewhere, happened to be that 1.  What guarantee have YOU got that it won't be you/ your child/ someone you know? What then?

Isn't it better to educate yourself?

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