Monday, 19 December 2011

Why Pregnant Women are Annoying

You know how Pregnant Women [PW] tend to seem self-centred and one track minded? It isn't just your impression. It is the truth.

Being Pregnant has this weird effect on your brain. All of a sudden, everything becomes trivial and irrelevant. Everything except your pregnancy, your baby, and your plans/needs. It isn't that PW aren't aware of it - believe me, we are. It is just a mental inability to focus on anything else. It sucks, and it is as annoying to the PW as it is to people surrounding her.

One thing I found really awkward was being around other PW who would openly discuss their bodily discomforts [e.g. how constipated they are, how they need to pee at the most awkward of times, how itchy their boobs are etc].  I couldn't figure out how on earth they could so openly discuss these things, irrespectively of how well they knew you/whoever else may be listening to the conversation.
  I found it disgusting at the best of times.

Well, guess what? I ended up doing just that myself. A couple of days ago, I got asked by a good friend if I would be breastfeeding. I said I wasn't sure as of yet.  When she asked why, I gave her an honest answer.... only to realise afterwards that I was sitting between 2 guy friends of ours.  One of whom showed clear signs of discomfort at being subjected to the topic at hand.  I apologised and said that if he ever planned to have kidlets, he could look forward to being subjected to plenty more disgusting topics.  The other guy friend just shrugged it off, saying he has sisters who were pregnant, so he has pretty much heard it all before.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

PW don't do it on purpose. It is just like when you're worried about one major thing. It becomes the one thing you can focus on, and soon becomes the only thing you can talk about.  If you don't wanna hear about it, you're better off breaking off the friendship, because from now onwards, it will only get more stinky and sticky.

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