Tuesday, 27 December 2011

It has a penis! Now what?

If I have a boy, I have no idea how on earth I will teach him how to pee standing up, for example.  Nor do I know how I will have the heart to teach him how to shave.

From what I hear, according to school dress code policies, facial hair of teens is discouraged. Which is my problem.

Those who know me, know I have a strong love for Beards.  I 'bully' guy-friends into growing their beards as big, bushy and long as possible! How on Earth am I to be the one responsible for my son's murder of his first beard?? Or the one after that? Or the one after that?

Oh! Which reminds me! You know that Old Wives' Tale about how shaving your beard will make it grow back thicker? Bullshit. Don't believe me? Clicky here. And here. And here too.

To conclude.....

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  1. The one I've heard is to throw a cheerio in the toilet and tell him to aim for it. lol.