Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What is the deal with men, anyway?

I'm not sure where I picked this up - probably some teen magazine in my younger days. It seems that whenever you meet a guy, your brain works out this chemistry thing that evaluates his potential for mating, and if he has good genes, it results in attraction. Which I suppsoe is where the whole "chemistry" reference is derived from.

This is where I pause, and shake my fist frustratingly at Mother Nature.

My reason? Simple. There is a HUGE difference between a Father, and a Sperm Donor. Apparently, nature only intended for us to recognise a good sperm donor. Which brings to mind another fist-shaking opportunity. This time, aimed at Hollywood, and magazine industry, and everyone else who insists on shoving down our throats the follwoing:

!) Humans are social creatures.
2) Humans are monogamous creatures.
3) If you don't get yourself a life partner, you have failed in the most basic of human relations.

I'm sorry, but I disagree. Clearly, we were designed in a way that will allow us to procreate and carry on the family name - but nowhere does it say that the Man has to stick around.

Which is why I grumble in Mother Nature's general direction.

It would have been WAY helpful had She included a feature that allows us to tell apart which guy will stick around and actually be a father, and which guy will run off, terrified, and just limit his role as sperm donor.

The above is brought to you thanks to my observations. It seems like too many male friends of mine who WANT to be fathers are being denied the opportunity - for one reason or another. Which makes me unable to understand how the Sperm Donors' brain [mal]functions.

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