Saturday, 24 December 2011

...On Baby Talk

I have this allergy, that I will try to explain. I am allergic to stupidity. I'm not being judgemental here [well, not much], but it really does my head in when someone insists on refusing to learn.  To me, ignorance is not lack of knowledge. IT is having the opportunity to gain the knowledge, and refusing to.  Listening to an ignorant conversation being held tends to give me headaches. Literally.

I also dislike people who are patronising and who try to treat you like an idiot even though you aren't.

Perhaps, this is why I can't stand Baby Talk.

You might be thinking "Ha! You're screwed!"

I'm gonna say "Nope, but if anyone dares to try and pull Baby Talk on Creature, they will be facing my wrath."

It is not a big deal to be honest. I just have this belief that children are not idiots, and therefore should not be spoken to as such. What is wrong with using proper words when speaking to them?  Why do you have to talk nonsense?  Simplifying the grammar is as far as I can tolerate.  I have this belief that using made-up words, or mispronouncing words when talking to a baby/toddler/child will only lead them to delay learning the proper word/pronunciation.

Bottom line is this: You're not Lady Gaga, and my Creature is not an idiot. Speak properly and stop babbling nonsense.

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  1. I find it degrading as well. When people talk like that, it probably confuses the hell out of them, lol. They do understand everything you say. They may not understand the words, but they hear your tone of voice and respond to that. Babies may be much more intelligent than we just takes a little time to learn this strange new language. :)