Friday, 30 December 2011

Can you do me a favour?

I hate having to rely on people.  I always have hated it.  I would much rather do my own thing, and whatever outcome it leads to, it'll be my fault/thanks to me. 

I have been living on my own for around 5 -6 years now.  I grew accustomed to coming home to peace and quiet after a long day of work with no one to nag at me, or to throw drama all over the place.

The day I told my family I was pregnant, things changed.  As time went by, I had to start asking people for favours, to help me out in doing this and that - things that I normally would do myself.  Let me tell you - it is bloody frustrating.  Especially when you get a "sure I'll help" and then they either cancel on you several times, or they never show up....  or show up late without having warned you that they are running late.  Sitting and waiting for whoever it is to show up, so that you can get whatever it is done is infuriating.

Not to mention the phone calls. Pre-pregnancy, I might have spoken to my mum for a maximum of once or twice a week.  Now, it is once or twice a day.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about her caring.  I will probably be way worse than her, were I in her shoes.  But - sometimes I just want to be left in peace, rather than being woken up by my Morning-Person-Mum who is listing stuff to me that I'm expected to remember. 

I look forward to the day where I get left in peace again.  That will probably be the day my child will start complaining about me.

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  1. Look at it this way you are embarking on one hell of an adventure where potential and possibilities are endless :)