Sunday, 12 February 2012

A gift from a dear friend

A very dear friend of mine emailed me this morning, saying she wrote a Limerick for Morgan based on a blog entry I wrote not too long ago. I was so amused by it - and the knowledge that it will more than likely haunt Morgan well into adulthood - that I decided to share it with you lot!

For Morgan: A Limerick
by Dr Kathryn Rountree

Composed on a journey across Central Otago,
New Zealand, on Saturday 11 Feb 2012

"There was a cute baby called Morgan
Whose Mama got everyone talking
She started a blog
Which kept us agog
From evening till early each morning

Morgan looked like her Mama's reflection
Which made her the peak of perfection
Her skin was like silk
She drank all her milk
All loved her; there was no exception

Her hair and her eyebrows were ginger
She curled her Mum's heart round her finger
Her eyes were quite blue
She made MOUNTAINS of poo
No matter how often they changed her!

Morgan thought that her Ma was quite silly
The teasing and jokes made her giddy
Ma made funny faces
All over the places
Was Mama quite right in the heady?

Morgan's Mum loved to play, and Morgan did too
And day after day she grew and she grew
Ma loved her a lot
And the bigger she got
The bigger the MOUNTAINS of poo!

Both Morgan and Mama were happy
In spite of the mustardy nappy
They knew they belonged
Their love was so strong
Through the good and the bad and the stinky!

Sweet Morgan's so cute and so special
So lovely and precious and magical
We love reading the blog
Though it must be a slog
Thanks Ros, we think you're PHENOMENAL!"

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  1. ohhh!! that's so sweet and awesome! but it's true! we love ros, morgan, and reading the blog :)