Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Hospital Diaries: Food for Thought

This is me providing some criticism.

I love the fact that the staff here is multi-cultural. Having an obstetrics ward being run by people from the four corners of the world gives it an aura of respect towards life regardless of race, religions, colour etc. It also feels like there was a genuine effort at finding top notch staff members.

The midwives, nurses, nursing aids, carers, doctors, anaesthetists etc are all very friendly and make you feel welcome and at ease. Even the cleaning staff is nice.

The one thing that would need fixing is the catering - not due to food quality since some things provided are quite decent. What would need fixing is the choice of food - anyone who is a strict vegetarian - or even worse, vegan - would have to take care of their own food as the options given are very restricted.

I got to change Morgan's nappy in the evening. The midwife who got me her bottle so I could feed her asked if her nappy was dirty. I said yes, and as she was walking out of the room, Morgan decided the job wasn't quite done and peed and pooped some more. I was like "Oh!" The midwife looked at me, grinned, and went "Enjoy it!" and walked out of the room. Fun times ensued where I got to clean up a poopy Morgan, and then feed her. I was tempted to call for help but I managed fine.

Later, I tried to feed her again but this time I couldn't get her to drink up. That is where I called for help. Turns out the bottle was faulty. Bottle got replaced, and midwife fed Morgan as I watched on.

Her last feed just finished a few minutes ago. Yet another poopy nappy was taken care of, and this time I managed to feed her about 30ml of milk by myself.

Seeing my little Creature smile, even though I know she doesn't mean it, is like watching the world being lit up by a long-awaited ray of sun that conquers storm clouds which have been pending for a long, long time. She melts my heart.
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