Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tease me, Please me!

Whilst looking up information about Newborn Skin Care, I got sidetracked by an image of a baby wearing a onesie saying "iPooped" - which, needless to say, I found hilarious.

In spite of being pretty tired this morning, I'm in a good mood - and to quote a dear friend of mine, it makes me insufferable. Poor Morgan will have a lifetime of putting up with my silly moods!

It started with my taking photos of her whilst she was still half-asleep, then teasing her whilst changing her nappy. As I was undressing her, I decided to highlight her big feet by photographic means. The moment I opened up the nappy though, it was payback time. My darling daughter is a Uber Pooper. Which of course made me break into song, using the tune for ABBA's Super Trooper. It was amusing - I kept trying to clean her up, but she kept peeing and pooping thanks to the wipes being cold against her skin.

One thing is sure - I will never, ever look at mustard in the same way again.

Due to her free-flowing pee, her clothes required changing as well. Whilst changing her clothes, she must have felt chilly as she threw up her arms, and looked at me as if to say "Mama', y u do this to me?!" - which of course proved to be amusing for me and made me take the piss even more!

Today, is the first sunny day since Sunday. This meant, sunlight shone on her hair at one point, and made the Gingerness emerge even more. This required photographic evidence as well, obviously.

By the end of it,Morgan pretty much resigned herself to my pestering her and played her most powerful card - her charm. I've now been sitting here for the past couple of hours, ignoring the TV, and just watching her sleep in her pram. She's by the window, soaking up sunlight that'll help her get over the slight jaundice which showed up a couple of days after she was born.


  1. Aaaah small itsybitsy tootsies!!!

  2. such a cutie pie with cute little feets