Monday, 27 February 2012

Who let the dogs out?

A couple of days ago, I introduced Morgan to Whiskey.

No, not the drink. The dog.

Whiskey is a very friendly, happy dog who is quite sociable. He has a very inquisitive nature. The only issue is - he can be quite clumsy.

I went over at my parents' house and walked in with Morgan fast asleep in her pram. He was busy greeting me at first and ignored the pram completely. After a short whilst though, he started sniffing at it curiously. [See photo #1]

He sniffed at the pram for quite some time, and all of a sudden he realised someone was inside it! He 'pointed' at it, and started barking alarmed. His hind legs were trembling in uncertainty. My brother, his fiancee and myself were reassuring him and telling him Morgan is someone we love and that he should love as well. [See photo #2]

Eventually, I picked her up and Mel was holding Whiskey back from his collar as he kept trying to come closer in order to check Morgan out. I was concerned he might hurt her due to being a bit clumsy, however I did allow him to sniff her legs and bum, and removed one of her mittens so that he could see and sniff her hand. He kept trying to lick her hand, but I didn't allow him to. Not just yet.

He kept sniffing at the pram, then at me, and at my chest, before trying to jump up to peek inside the pram when I put Morgan back in it.

We then took Whiskey in another section of the house so that I could feed Morgan without being on edge.

All in all, it was a successful first meeting. I will take her back soon so that he can get used to her bit by bit.

It was nerve-wrecking, in spite of my trusting him. I can only hope the next meetings will go just as smoothly!

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