Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Yo ho ho and a bottle of milk!

Yesterday, I was exhausted beyond measure. Today is a better day. I managed to grab a couple of hours sleep last night, and Morgan's last feed was a breeze.

Her feeding just keeps improving more and more! She's more often than not guzzling down the whole dosage. I think it might soon be time to increase it slightly!

Speaking of bottles. There is a whole science to it!

How to prepare Formula Milk-filled Bottles:

Depending on what country you live in, tap water might be the recommended water to use due to good fluoride levels. Locally, I've been told by midwives that bottled water, or filtered tap water, is best.

Bring water to boil. It is handy to keep a thermostat flask always filled up with boiled water. It'll quicken the process of preparing the next feed, especially if it is a nocturnal one.

Next up, fill the sterilised bottle up to 60ml (2 ounces) with water, and add 2 scoops of powdered formula milk. It is important that you first pour the water, and only then add the powder. Also, make sure you check the water's volume by putting the bottle itself on a flat surface, and bending over to look the water so that it is eye-level. If you peek down at it from above, it will involve an optical illusion of sorts that misleads you into believing a different amount of water is actually being used. Shake well & allow it to cool down at room temperature before refrigerating for later use (if preparing feed in advance).

Whenever it is time for an upgrade in dosage, this would be done in 30ml (1oz) increments. Milk scoops are calculated with 1 scoop per 30ml (1 oz).

Always make sure the scooped powder is levelled so as to make up an accurately measured amount.

ALWAYS sterilise all equipment used after each and every feed. I have covered sterilisation techniques in a previous entry.

On other news, a midwife came over to check up on us and make sure we're both well. The amusing thing about it was - she's Pagan as well and is actually part of my Yahoo! Group that discusses Paganism & related topics. It was a relief being able to talk freely without having to resort to half truths when it comes to explaining Morgan's name choice, or my tattoos. We have friends in common as well, and she happened to be the midwife to go check up on 2 friends of mine of similar faith. When I told my mum, she was impressed with how widespread Paganism really seems to be in Malta. It all is very much still quite underground for fear of prejudice and discrimination, but once you know what to look out for, it becomes as clear as daylight.

For the second day in a row, Morgan and I caused each other to yawn. It is hilarious seeing my lovely 1-week old daughter yawn just because I myself would have yawned.

The weather is quite unforgiving right now - pretty cold and humid. This means Morgan is one gassy baby. It is pretty painful, so we spent most of the day cuddled up in bed. Tonight, she will spend the night in bed with me, either on my chest or next to me in my arms - so that she can make use of my body heat as well as the warmth of the blanket she's swaddled in.

There was one MEGA bottle involved today where she drank 100ml! She was famished it seems! Within a week she tripled the amount of milk she drinks. She's growing up so quickly! I wish she'd slow down a bit so I can enjoy her being a baby.

I also have just been given an awesome gift - Morgan is swaddled and in my arms right now, and I have just finished singing her daily lullabies - Phantom of the Opera, a couple of Franco Battiato tracks, and Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen. She started nodding off, but opened her eyes briefly, glanced up at me, and smiled.

I love her so much - you have to be a mother to understand how such a tiny Creature can have wrapped my heart round her tiny pinky finger so easily.

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