Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Hospital Diaries: Splashes & Noms!

My cousin is on duty this morning and she decided she'll wash and feed Morgan in my room. This means I got to have a glimpse of Morgan in all her nude glory for the first time since she was born. I couldn't see her clearly since I am still in bed most of the time, but I'm happy with what I saw.

I asked whether she has any dry skin and was assured her skin looks perfectly fine so far. I'm happy with that answer especially since I know she could have skin issues eventually given her genes.

She whimpered a tiny bit once her dirty nappy was removed, but hasn't actually cried much. Just a couple of moderate wails. She was so cute, all red and pissed off at being exposed to the elements!

Right after the bathing experience, noms were in order. My cousin got the bottle with the formula milk and sat down in the armchair next to my bed to feed Morgan.

She commented about the fact that Morgan just seems to like to take her time in drinking - she had latched on properly but was just sucking whenever she felt like it. This reminded me of my own childhood. When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my mum used to swear her head off - silently - at me. I'd take a bite out of my meal, and just let it sit there, in my mouth, without chewing. I'd be too enthralled by whatever was on the TV to bother with eating.

Every so often, feeding was paused so as to allow Morgan to burp should she need it. By the end of it, she had almost guzzled down 40ml of milk ENTIRELY by bottle! That is where she regurgitated around 10ml of it.

All in all, it seems like a success so far. If she continues having issues, and needs to stay in hospital longer, I'll be staying with her as well.

Morgan is now snoozing after her bath and feed, and I'm satisfied all is well. See photo for proof!


  1. She's gorgeous :) I'm sure it'll all be sound so in love, really happy for you xx