Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Hospital Diaries: Mama I'm Coming Home

Today, we go home! This morning, a med student came in to weigh Morgan and measure her head's circumference. She asked me to strip her down to her nappy, and I obliged. Morgan wasn't too happy about it though. Which is where she proved to be my daughter.

As I was taking her clothes off and talking to her, she was wriggling and being vocal about it. I then placed her on the weighing scales and took a step back. Med Student opened Morgan's nappy to reveal.. *dun dun dun*... POOP!

I found it rather amusing - she hadn't pooped all day yesterday, as if saving it for her Evil Mastermind of a plan to take revenge on the first Med Staff Member to force her into being naked. *Proud Mama Moment*

We hung out for a wee while (no pun there!) until a paediatrician came to check her up. Satisfied she is well, she discharged Morgan.

My mum came by with the car seat and vanished shortly after to the cafeteria for coffeetimes with my father, until a doc sees me and discharges me as well.

It took a while, but eventually a doc came by, asked me a few questions, and satisfied I was recovering well, told me a midwife/nurse would soon be stopping by to remove my stitches.

After what seemed like an eternity, she showed up - along with Med Student, and her fellow classmate.

We shifted over to the Treatment Room (which I despise as this is where I got told I'd be forced into having a C-Section), and Clueless Med Students took over, under Midwife/Nurse's supervision.

Taking out the stitches wasn't too bad in comparison to having the Drain removed.

Once this was accomplished, I was fine to go - I only needed to be given Morgan's paperwork. By the time all of this was over, it was time for Morgan's feed. I took care of that, and then we finally headed towards my dad's car.

This is where disaster struck. Remember my telling you to try and install the car seat BEFORE Baby is born? Do it. Seriously. I hadn't managed to get my drivers-relatives to give it a shot due to their busy schedules. This meant that my dad failed to realise the clip bit of the seat's buckle was nowhere to be found, thus leading to a complete and utter seatbelt fail.

I got extremely pissed off, and called a cab. I emphasised the importance of working backseat seat belts, and a few moments later, taxi had arrived.
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