Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Hospital Diaries: Time to get busy!

Morgan has a tendency to stick out her tongue ever so slightly when not doing anything. My cousin expressed some concern over this, as it can be nothing, but it can be an indication that something might be wrong.

I asked her what sort of something we're talking about. First thing she mentioned was Downs Syndrome. She did say that there was nothing to indicate that Morgan might be a Downs baby as her physique is formed perfectly and she displays no signs of having Downs features. She mentioned also that there are a variety of other syndromes and conditions which may feature protruding tongues as a tell-tale sign - and therefore it is best to check with the paediatrician. At the very most, some genetic profiling tests could be carried out to exclude the possibility of something not being quite right.

Not long after this conversation a She-Paediatrician came to check Morgan out. She got stripped down completely - meaning I got to see my daughter completely naked for the first time! - and her ears, neck, hands, feet, and inner thigh muscles were checked. (From a non-medically-trained point of view, that is what I understood of it, anyway.). She also checked Morgan's muscle tone and reflexes which was quite hilarious to watch.

She said everything seems fine but she'd refer her to the Big Boss to get his opinion - I like second opinions! - but she didn't think there was anything that justifies a need for concern.

Morgan got weighed then. She lost a tiny bit of weight! It is normal for newborns to lose up to 10% of their birth weight over the first few days after birth. Morgan was born at 3.355kg (yay! I got the exact figure) which would be 7.396 pounds. She now weighs 3.19kg ( 7.032 pounds).

A wee while later, the Big Boss asked for her Morgan to be taken to the nursery. I tagged along and he once again stripped Morgan down, and went over the same checks. He told me he sees nothing to worry about - and that since we're here til Sunday, Morgan will be re-checked then.

My little girl hasn't been this active before, so it must have been quite a morning for her! A nap is a must - one which I feel I should partake in too!

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  1. hope you manage to share many snoozes with Morgan.