Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I'm a big, big girl in a big, big world!

Morgan is growing up too quickly! At 2 weeks of age, she is already looking at me knowingly, observing me when I'm talking to her as I hold her or lay next to her. Whenever I play (and most of the time, sing along [albeit badly]) to specific songs, she goes all quiet. Well, quieter than usual!

She is also trying to hold the bottle by herself! Not only that - but, within the last few days, she has been sucking on her dummy (a.k.a. Pacifier), spits it out to yawn, or just for the sake of it, and manages to push it back in her mouth using her hand.

Yesterday, whilst giving her a bath, she stretched her legs to touch the mattress and "stand up" (whilst being held, of course).

She is also briefly following with her eyes slow moving objects, and when she is laying on top of me, on her belly, she raises her head now and again.

Her snuffles and grunts are her way of talking right now. She has incredible communication skills. I know all parents like to think their child is special - however I think Morgan is slightly ahead of the standard milestones.

Here is a link to the common milestones reached between birth and 6 months of age: http://www.babycenter.com/0_milestone-chart-1-to-6-months_1496585.bc

If only I could keep her as a newborn for a while longer!

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  1. ah!! this is my favorite part about babies. watching them develop personality and quirks of their own. <3