Friday, 24 February 2012

A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

Morgan had her first doctor's home visit today. I called the pharmacy earlier to ask if their Paediatrician-in-training was in, and was told he'd be in on Monday, but that he does home visits, and got given his mobile number.

I asked my mum to call on my behalf whilst I cuddled Morgan, and he asked her to text him the address and he'd come visit Morgan this morning. I texted him soon after, and he replied saying he'd be over shortly.
An hour and a half or so went by, and the Doc arrived. A friend of mine had told me he is the Pretty kind, and she was right. He was very thorough in his examination, and very soft spoken and had a gentle touch when examining Morgan. She seemed to like him as he is the first doctor to examine her where she didn't cry.

At one point, he said to hold Morgan in my lap, and hold both her hands with one of mine, and to place my other hand on her forehead to hold her head still. This would enable him to examine her ears and throat. I did as he said, only to realise that I should have worn a poloneck shirt instead of the one I had on. This realisation dawned on me only when he was bent over, and had my cleavage at eye-level. I could have died on the spot from embarrassment and kept hoping he'd be solely focused on Morgan.

He played a bit with Morgan as he told me what to keep an eye out for. Basically at the moment she's got a virus which is causing a congestion, which I can flush out via the saline nasal spray. He said to spray twice per nostril every hour, and to reduce her bottle's volume and increase feeding frequency until she gets better. He prescribed suppositories just in case she gets a fever, and also wrote a referral note, just in case the viral thingy gets to her chest and makes her wheeze, to take her to hospital.

I have a feeling I've found The Doc for Morgan.
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