Friday, 10 February 2012

You're all I need

Morgan is getting to know the real me, and I must say she doesn't seem impressed! I keep catching her staring at me in a solemn, perplexed way, as if to say "Seriously? You're meant to be all sombre and stuff, no? How come I've been assigned to a silly mum?"

Needless to say, I enjoy it thoroughly. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I don't enjoy "baby talk" - Morgan is a baby, not an idiot. I do, however, enjoy pulling faces at her just to see her perplexed stare. Also, it actually is educational as it inspires her to try and imitate the expressions and encourages interaction.

I adore her, seriously. I do have the motherly goggles on - heck, I even enjoy changing her poopy nappies! However, I honestly feel I have been blessed by being assigned such a laid back, sweet soul to be my daughter. All the fuck ups I have had to deal with in life were all worth it if it means I got rewarded by having my Morgan. She is an awesome child! I love her character, and I find every single detail of her not-so-tiny body fascinating - from her Ginger hair and invisible eyebrows, down to her triangular pinky toes.

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  1. LOOK AT THAT FACE <3 no wonder you are in love. She is so adorable!!