Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Hospital Diaries: Mama I'm Coming Home pt 2

Taxi ride back home was uneventful, and car seat was installed very easily - just like strapping a human in really.

Once at my grandma's, the nightmare began. Well, ok, not a nightmare as such. Allow me to explain myself.

People tend to get enthusiastic around new babies and fail to realise how taxing and stressful a thing it is to be a new parent. This means they disrupt feeds by trying to keep up chit-chat, by talking to Baby, by asking to hold him/her, by asking to feed/burp/change her nappy etc.

I felt like an outright bitch giving instructions on what to do and what not to do to my family. I am very protective of Morgan and I want things to be done in a certain way that everyone else involved in her life needs to stick to.

My grandma was ecstatic to see her and hold her (see photo) and everyone was happy she's home.

I just felt - and still do - like I should be in my own home, not here, as this adds to my stress levels. The fact that it took me all day to finally figure out how to get to hospital and back in the morning, coupled with the fact that these next 2 days are thought to be the coldest ever (with there being mention of possible snow! It NEVER snows in Malta) didn't help at all. Some quite upsetting news also contributed to it all - upsetting in the grand scheme, along with emotional upsetting, kinda way. I won't go into that though as it is way too early to discuss it publicly.

It is now 2:40am, and I changed and fed Morgan, and put her to sleep, not too long ago. Started at midnight, finished at 1:30am. At 3:30am, she is due for another feed and nappy change. I'm beat, but I think I'll stay up til then.

This, was our first day out of hospital. I miss the quiet, trouble-free feel there was at hospital, where no drama crossed the threshold.

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