Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Hospital Diaries: Of Fairies and Happy Thoughts

Today was our last full day at hospital. It has been quite a long day actually - however it was good.

I met my elder sis's bf's parents and his niece - the daughter of The Amazing Amanda a.k.a. Little Mama's Cakes - the person responsible for the Monster Rainbow Cake we had at the Baby Shower. Really nice people - the whole lot of them!

My mum also came over and she got to lull Morgan to sleep, which was quite a proud moment for her, I could tell. I asked her to fill me in on what happened on Tuesday from her point of view.

She told me about her feeling sorry I didn't ask her to join me in the Delivery Room, however wanting to respect my wishes. She also told me about how my good friend Rose, my soon-to-be sis-in-law Mel, and herself were trying to figure out where we'd be brought back from, and going for a smoke together as they wait.

The moment someone came out of the Delivery Room asking for my mum, it apparently threw her into a frenzy. She had given up on the idea of being with me. She rushed in, saw Morgan and remarked how beautiful she is, then was given a gown and hat to wear before rushing to my side. She reminded me of Profs joking around, saying that whilst I was giving birth, my dad had been emailing jokes to him.

She then told me how Profs had hugged her and congratulated her once I was all sewn up and taken to the recovery room. My mum then went to tell the others the good news, and told them I'd soon be out - not knowing it would be a good 3 hours or so before I'd be brought back to my room.

My mum told me how they were starting to worry, and how relieved they were when Morgan and I joined them. She filled me in on who was here and what they did since I forgot.

All in all, it has helped me put together a better picture of the day. Not better actually - a more complete version.

My elder sis also came to visit, and she got to pop her Nappy-Changing-and-Feeding Cherry. It was rather daunting at first, but she managed.

Soon after she left, Morgan fell asleep and I had a brief nap as well. Just a few moments ago, I fed Morgan and she nodded off half-way through the feed. I was talking to her anyway, and got rewarded by a plethora of beautiful smiles (See Photo). Her smiles light up my life!

A friend of mine texted me soon after I uploaded that picture with a quote from my childhood favourite, Peter Pan:

"When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about & that was the beginning of fairies."

I find that quote quite befitting considering I call my Morgan "Fata Morgana" - meaning "Fairy Morgan" i.e. the Italian version of Morgana LaFey - King Arthur's half-sister - and also one of Morgan's namesakes. That, and my obvious love for Peter Pan, of course.

I'll be off for now - I need to watch my
little Creature sleep.

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