Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Hospital Diaries: A Sucky Situation

Morgan seems to be having difficulty with her Sucking Reflex. This means that an NG Tube ( has been inserted, so that she can be fed the required amounts of milk.

When she was first born, I tried the breastfeed her. If you recall, I had been undecided as to what to do when it comes to Breastfeeding vs Formula. I decided to give breastfeeding a shot for a month or so - just so she could reap the health benefits of the Colostrum (

We spent an hour trying to get Morgan to latch on. My concerns materialised in front of my eyes. Left boob was an utter failure - no colostrum/milk was coming out at all - and the nipple not only is flat, but also pretty inverted. We then tried the right side. A tiny amount of Colostrum showed up, however Morgan couldn't latch on. The nipple kept slipping out.

Her first bottle feed went fine, however for some unknown reason she started having difficulty in sucking ever since. There have been some feeds where she managed to drink up successfully, but more often than not, the NG tube had to be used.

The nurses/midwives have taken care of all her feeding needs up until now. I look forward to be able to feed Morgan myself. Since I'm still too weak to move about much, I have no idea where the nursery is, nor what really goes on whenever they take her to feed her, bathe her or change her nappy. These are all things I have yet to do myself. I can't wait!

I know her digestive system is working fine as she put the person changing her nappy through a mega-pee, and a mega-poop. Good girl!

I miss her so much whenever she's in another room! I can't wait til she is next to me again. Every second without her is a second wasted.

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