Friday, 9 March 2012

Can't buy me love

I hate shopping.

Except for books.

That, has always been my stance. Things seem to be changing though! Now that Morgan is in my life, I can't seem to stop buying her stuff.

The day before yesterday I got her a Baby Activity Mat. The day before that, I bought her 3 toys. And a few days ago I bought her the Baby Rocker. And, I've been buying her stuff for her room. That will take me a while to complete, as I also will need to figure out how to go on about painting the room and creating the mural. I will also need to discuss my rental contract first as I'm not about to paint the room and move out of the house a month or three later!

As I had mentioned in a previous blog, I'm going for an enchanted forest kinda theme with fae folk and other awesome creatures. This is what I've got so far:
Flower fairy miniature drawers
Wrapping paper to be used for toy boxes
Mirror Sticker #1
Mirror Sticker #2
Mirror Sticker #3
Hanging thingy #1
Hanging thingy #2 and #3

Hanging thingy #4
Pirate and Fairy felt thingies.
Ok, ok. Fine. I admit it. I bought her more stuff yesterday as well. Namely a grey and a red pair of trousers, a purple woollen short-sleeved shirt and a purple top which says "I love rain". Oh, and sterilising tablets and a formula milk dispenser thingy for the days when we are out and about.
Unfortunately the visit from her Paternal Granny will have to wait due to the funeral happening this weekend. Hopefully it won't be long before it gets rescheduled!

Yesterday evening, I cleaned all her toys, and Morgan got to use the Activity Mat for the first time. According to a certain someone *coughpaulcough* the Activity Mat 5000 is guaranteed to reducing poop by 23%. Alas, that proved to be a false claim, and if that same someone doesn't believe me, I will gladly send him the evidence in the mail :D

Morgan wasn't interested in playing at first, as can be seen clearly in the pic. What can I say? She's my daughter after all!

She then seemed to change her mind when I wasn't looking, as can be seen in these videos:

All that playing seemed to have affected her appetite as she later on downed a whopping 200ml of milk! This meant that it was time to upgrade to bigger bottles, which we did today. Now I'm off to clean and feed her.


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  1. Those owls are excellent. I also love shopping for books.