Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fay Wray Come Out And Play

So, I came across this article here  just a few moments ago, and found myself sighing resignedly.  "Why?" you might ask.  Well, here's why.

About a couple of weeks ago, I went for coffee with my mum and we took Morgan with us in her pram.  ON our way back home,we walked past the playgrounds in Paola.  The swings and other play things all seemed in good working order, and as if they have only just been installed. Excellent!  However, as we walked towards the public toilets, the stench of urine that greeted us only grew stronger the closer we got. 

Stupidly enough, the opening hours were something like 9am - 3pm, if I remember correctly.  This means that whoever happens to need to go pee or poop after those hours will most likely do so just outside the public toilets' closed doors, thus leading to the filth and stench to flourish.

Oh, did I mention that the toilets are right opposite the doors of the Paola Government-owned school?

Not to mention the fact that yes, in spite of all the hoo-haa this article pretends to be concerned with, if you look on the side, you'll find plenty of similarly-themed articles written over the past years. This, to me, indicates that every so often the government/local councils pretend to give a fuck about the state of the equipment installed in the playgrounds just to shut people up.  Nothing ever changes.

And what is this bullshit about making them "as safe as necessary"?  Clearly, the people involved don't have children of their own, otherwise they'd realise that even if you were to wrap your child up in bubble wrap and make sure every single object around them is also wrapped up in bubble wrap, has no sharp edges/corners and is made out of the safest materials ever, said child will still find a way to get hurt/hurt someone else with said objects. Hell, think of prisoners and the ingenious ways they come up with the create makeshift weapons! THINK OF MACGYVER DAMN IT!

Or so claim Patty and Selma Bouvier

"As safe as necessary" to me, reads as "We can't be bothered so we'll just give a lick of paint over the rusty bits to hide them up and keep parents off our backs."

I now sit back and wait for them to prove me wrong - honestly. I hope they manage.

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