Saturday, 31 March 2012

Come my little friends as we all sing a happy little working song

Morgan woke me up with backfists flying in my face this morning. The moment I woke up properly, she went back to sleep.  I suppose she is working on becoming a pain in the arse - just like her mum!

Once up, I cleaned her  up and fed her, then napped a bit more.  Woke up a couple of hours later or so, and started cleaning the bedroom furniture I got her. Man - the layer of dust is impressive on them pieces of furniture! By the time I'm done scrubbing them clean I'll have HUGE biceps! Eventually, Morgan woke up again, and so I fed her and cleaned her up again.  When she went back to sleep, I managed to sketch the Green Man's face on the top of the wooden panel in which the dressing table's mirror is set.  These guidelines were awesome!  I doodled it in white pencil so that once I paint it, I won't have issues rubbing it off.

My mum came over and helped me try to figure out the washing machine - alas, a pro needs to have a look at it.  Told the landlady and she said she'll contact the tech dude.  Hopefully it won't be long before he comes over to check it out.  I pretty much am screwed without it.

Morgan was even more smiley today. There were times when she just looked at me and smiled without me saying a word to her.  It is comforting to think that she knows that I love her and that she's happy with what I do with her.  That smile can light up even the crappiest and gloomiest of  days.

Before she left, my mum and I bathed Morgan and fed her.  I managed to clean up the furniture a bit more as well.

Morgan and I then watched Ella Enchanted - which, as cheesy as it may seem, I actually really like.  She spent the evening pretty much sleeping in my arms the whole time - except when she woke up to be fed and cleaned up.

When I put her to bed tonight, I read to her a couple of pages out of The Neverending Story again until she slept.

Goodnighty world!
Once asleep, I put away some more of her clothes, grabbed a bite, and tried to find a book of mine with no luck. A book I own two copies of... Ah well. It will turn up, I'm sure.

I'll be leaving you with a video clip of Morgan playing with Emily The Doll.


29 March 2012

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