Friday, 30 March 2012

And I say Thank You for the music.

The furniture was delivered yesterday morning! I'm pretty stoked! I found out that the chest of drawers and the dressing table both have marble tops. This, to me, is awesome. I looked up some info about stripping paint off wood and it sounds more complicated than I thought it would be. Therefore, I may very well leave it as it is, and just add some designs on it myself. The wooden panels in which the mirrors are installed are my premeditated victims.

Morgan and I watched Practical Magic - and miraculously managed to watch all of it without any interruptions! She will grow sick of watching it, I assure you. Ah well - can't help it if I have taste!
My mum came over just as the movie ended, and we took Morgan with us for coffee. The trip there and back also got us a much-needed lamp shade for Morgan's room.

I can't wait to get the room all set up! It is exciting for more than one reason. This is the first room I bought. So yeah - kinda pleased about it!

The thing I was not pleased about was coming home to find the washing machine had decided not to drain the water used. Just then, Morgan decided that she was bored in her pram, and started whining. I was trying to wring the clothes from all the excessive water and calm her down at the same time. Thankfully, music came to the rescue. She likes music so much that it tends to calm her down in a matter of minutes.

Once the clothes were hung up to dry, we played for a short while, and eventually, she fell asleep only for me to have to wake her up half an hour later to feed her. Once fed and cleaned up, I put her to bed and we both slept.

I woke up a couple of hours later to prepare her bottles, and I stayed up for a short while to chat with a couple of friends and look up info about different Mother Goddesses so that I could post about them on The Pagan Mama.

In the morning, Morgan seemed to wake up in a good mood - as can be seen in the photo!

Alas, being gassy meant she was cranky most of the time. Thankfully, music helped calm her down at various points throughout the day. Music and being held.

My grandma is wanting me to go out again this weekend just so that Morgan can sleep over. I don't see it happening though. Two weekends in a row might be a bit too much too soon.

Today I realised how quickly time is going by. Morgan is already 2 months old now, and my time with her is rapidly running out. I have no idea how the hell I will handle the return back to work. I hope I get to work decent hours though. I wouldn't want to be at work until her bedtime.

 Morgan playing with her Granny [26 March 2012]

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