Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Spring forward, Fall backwards!

So much has happened within the last 48hrs that I didn't have the time to post anything yesterday. I'm going to split this post in 3 parts:

Part 1:

The day before yesterday I read a list of the most popular names for babies in Malta. Needless to say, Maya was on the list.

I lost track of how many friends and acquaintances of mine named their daughter Maya. This means that it is harder to remember who is called what, and so I will play it safe and use nicknames when referring to them daughters' names I'm not sure of.

I will also use nicknames for sons if I forgot their names, or am unsure of how to write/read the name.

Don't take offence if I don't call your child by their name. I rarely call people by name anyway, regardless of their age.

Part 2:

Yesterday I tried and failed miserably to shower whilst it was just Morgan and myself for the first time since we came home. We were meant to meet up with my mum on the bus to go to Balzan so that I could meet with a lovely Scottish woman who was to sell me some 2nd hand clothes (in excellent condition!) for Morgan.

Morgan put up quite a struggle when I tried to bathe her - but this, was the end result.
I ended up calling my mum to come over instead so that she could watch Morgan whilst I got ready. Whilst waiting for my mum, I cleaned up Morgan, and after about half an hour, my mum came over, and fed Morgan whilst I showered. Once fed and burped, we gathered our stuff and started our journey to Balzan.

Two and a half hours and two bus rides later, we finally got there to find the aforementioned woman waiting for us. Talking with her made me miss my Scottish friends - she's from Edinburgh, so has a distinct accent (though not as thick as some of my friends'). I pointed out to her Morgan is half-Scottish, which made her go "awww" even more from then on.
I made arrangements to meet the same lady in a week or two again to buy some more stuff off her, paid her for this time's haul and went for coffee with my mum and Morgan at the nearby Melita Gardens Cafeteria.

One quick bite and coffee later, we made our way to the bus stop and about 20 minutes later, we hopped onto the first bus. We got off the bus at Blata l-Bajda (which saved us some 5 minutes from the journey's total bus time had we gotten off the bus at Valletta) and then got on the next bus a few minutes later.

By some miracle, I managed to get the pram inside the house on my own (seeing as whilst I _do_ live in a ground floor maisonette, I have to go up a couple of steps leading to the porch.), and the moment we walked in, the alarm went off on my mobile signifying Morgan's feed was due. I cleaned her up, and whilst feeding her, I made arrangements with my friend Rose to have another friend pick Morgan and myself up so that we could go over at Rose's to celebrate Ostara.

Ostara is another name for the Spring Equinox - it is named after the Goddess Eostre. For more info, clicky here.

Once we got at Rose's, we had banter and then, Rose and I introduced Morgan to the Elements. No introduction was needed to the God and Goddess to be honest, as I've already mentioned her countless times to Them.

We still need to do an official Saining, however this was the first step. We were joined by another two people in the circle where meditation was carried out in honour of Spring and New beginnings. Good times!

As it was getting late, Morgan and I slept over at Rose's. And when I say slept, I mean it. I forgot when I last slept THAT much. Morgan slept soundly as well. Yay!

Today, we slept in, then I called us a taxi back home since I had taken Morgan over to Rose's in the car seat - it is DAMNED HEAVY to carry. I had no intentions of walking up a couple of hills for about 15 minutes to the nearest ATM and face 2 buses and walking 3 or 4 blocks etc, all whilst carrying some 10kg total.

Once home, my mum came over and since Morgan was asleep, we managed to do some house chores. Score! My mum left after a couple of hours, and Morgan and I had a quiet evening.
Now, for Part 3...

Tomorrow, Morgan gets her first vaccine. I am _NOT_ looking forward to seeing her getting stabbed, and potentially having fever in the evening.
I bought a box of Arfen suppositories, just in case. I don't feel comfortable with the thought of having to use them on her, but I know out of first-hand experience how effective suppositories are. Gods know how many I have been subjected to in my childhood. I just pity her poor bum.

I hope she doesn't get feverish. I really hope she doesn't. Meh. The vaccines are a necessary evil, I know. I just worry, I guess.

My little Cuddle Monster :D

P.s. Daylight Savings kicks in on the 25th. That's this weekend. Suuuuuucks.

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