Sunday, 11 March 2012

Silence is golden.

I'm in too foul a mood to write much today. I don't want to bitch about anything or anyone, so I'm better off keeping my mouth shut.  I will be much better once I take Morgan home, and am in my own comfort zone.

I will say this - Morgan amuses me more and more with every day that goes by.  She is starting to mimic my actions and to be amused by my silliness.  Ever since yesterday, I started tapping my mouth whilst going "Aaaaaaaah" and then tapping hers.  She opens her mouth, but no sound is emitted, prompting me to ask her how come hers makes no noise. She seems to be amused by it as it has evoked a few smiles from her end.  This is our first official game =)

I will leave you with some of her cuteness before I run off to cook.

Catch you lot tomorrow!

P.S. Upon hearing himself bark, Pluto a.k.a. George started barking.  Silly dog.

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