Sunday, 4 March 2012

Tomorrow Never Comes

Tomorrow is the day where I take Morgan to hospital for a check-up, and probably, her test results.  It is a daunting task, I must admit.  I suppose this is why a lot of people choose to be ignorant.  They would rather not know, rather than risk finding out some piece of bad news.

I had the option, you know.  The one where no blood tests would be conducted.  The one where we'd just sit back and see if anything emerges a few months further down the line.  The one where I wouldn't have had to sit in a room and help two nurses hold Morgan still so that they could poke needles in her hands as she cried her heart out in pain. 

But. I'm a nerd, heh. I had to know.  I'm what you'd call an Infornographer.  Knowing will help me figure out how to best look after Morgan.

On a positive note, I got her the cutest Baby Rocker ever.  No, not a boyfriend. This:

Picture quality sucks, I know.  It is merely a pain to unpack and repack it for no valid reason at the moment.  I will post better pics at a later date!

This, on the other hand, is the first vid I'm posting of Morgan since she was born.  It was taken a few days ago, [1st of March] whilst she was in the middle of her Tummy Time.


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