Monday, 19 March 2012

In Joy and Sorrow, My Home Is In Your Arms

Day 2 at home: We're alive and well!

Yesterday evening, a couple friends of mine, who live a few streets away, invited Morgan and myself over for drinks and banter. We were picked up at about 7:45pm, and the moment we walked in, I warmed up Morgan's bottle and changed her nappy and sat down to feed her.

Another two couples joined us, and we had banter. It was good - the only thing I was a bit tense about was the cat who lives up to the Evil Mastermind reputation white poofy persian cats have, and the 2-yr old cute-as-hell lab/german shepherd-mix puppy they have. The cat is a cat - therefore obeys nothing and no one. He kept trying to wriggle in between Morgan and myself in more than one way - mainly metaphorically though. I guess her milk was too tempting for him. The she-pup was very outgoing and curious and kept sniffing at Morgan. My concern was the same kind of concern I had with Whiskey, my dog. Being a big, young dog brings with it a big amount of curiousity _and_ clumsiness. Thankfully, the other 6 people we were with took care of both cat and dog so that they'd keep their distance as much as possible.

I suppose I'm not one of them parents who are willing to take risks with pets and children by allowing said pet to sniff at their heart's content the child. I realise that it might be the best way to go on about it, but I am not comfortable doing it, especially with dogs I don't know and/or dogs who aren't used to children.

We didn't stay out late - by 10.30pm we were back home. Morgan was drowsy, so I put her to bed, picked a book, and joined her. Shortly after, we were both asleep. I must have been more tired than I realised I was as I slept through the alarm. She slept through it as well, so no harm done. Instead of having her bottle at 00:30am, she had it at 1:30am after her nappy change, and then crashed straight away once more.

She slept the whole night again, and woke up at about 6;30am, where I took care of her needs and got us both back to bed to sleep a bit more. She slept until her next feed was due.

I gave her a sponge-bath before feeding her, and clothed her in her first dungarees! She is adorable in this outfit, if I may say so myself! I always liked dungarees, and my favourite was an army green one made of denim - I had matching ankle boots back then too. Needless to say, Morgan owns quite a few in different sizes and will own many more.
See? I told you she's ADORABLE!

Once fed, I put her in her seat, and I managed to cook myself some food uninterrupted whilst Morgan watched the changing light and shadows through the back yard's door. She fell asleep by the time I finished eating, so I took her to the living room so that I could keep an eye on her whilst I do stuff.
After some time, Morgan started getting gas cramps, so we went to bed and snuggled up, and she fell asleep again.

Once she woke up, I changed her nappy and shortly after my mum came over. She gave Morgan her bottle, had brief banter and she ran off to go look after my dad who seems to have manflu of sorts.
Once gone, Morgan and I just chilled. She fell asleep again, and so I had some time to sort out her clothes and to relax a bit.
Now, we'll be off to her room so that I can attempt carrying on the clothes sorting process.

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