Friday, 2 March 2012

Roots! Bloody roots!

For the first time in over a month, I have had some "me" time today. Obviously, I ended up being at a loss as to what the hell to do.

This morning, I went to roam around the shops - and ended up buying 4 waterproof books for Morgan, a book called "Where is my fairy?" for Morgan, and 3 room decorations.. For Morgan. Oh, and formula milk. For Morgan, of course! See what I did there?

My "me" time became "me-being-a-mum" time instead.

I was meant to go home today to meet someone who wanted to view the house, but they cancelled. I had already made arrangements for my mum to babysit Morgan for a couple of hours, so she said I should go do whatever.

"Uh-oh. What the hell am I going to do?!" I pondered. The answer came to me after a short while. "I'll get my hair fixed!" So I told my mum.

*insert evil laughter here*

My mum, bless her soul, seems to think I will opt for "normal hair" just because I'm a mother myself.


She asked me to go for an "acceptable" colour. As I need to look "acceptable" now that I have Morgan. I said that as long as she's healthy and growing up well, and being raised properly, then that is as acceptable as I could ever possibly be and my hair has got nothing to do with it. She asked what I will do when I have to attend Parents' Day at her school. I shrugged. Anyone having issues with the way I look is more than welcome to kiss my comfy behind. My motherhood skills are not to be judged by the colour of my hair or skin, nor by any other body modification or music tastes. Anyone thinking otherwise is a jackass.

Which is how I find myself sitting at my hairdresser's with my head slowly itching and burning its way to my new colour - well, not new. It has been this colour before. Or a different shade of it, anyway. My head feels lighter already after having fixed my mohawk. I missed having shaved bits.

Excuse the pun.

I'll post an update later revealing the outcome!


  1. said 'bits'...

    Remember, it takes eight of them to make a byte :D

    1. LOL. IT _had_ to be you to find a hidden pun within the pun!