Friday, 23 March 2012

You give me fever when you kiss me - Fever when you hold me tight.

I am happy to report that Morgan has had no fever at all so far! I was dreading the night, as that is when fever tends to show up. I spent all day and night feeling her forehead to see if she's warm. At one point I thought she might be, so I had to find the courage to check her temperature.

I took her to the bathroom, which is where the nappy changer is, and put her on her tummy. Seeing her little bum waiting, up in the air, made me:
1)apologise for having to do this,
2)hope she doesn't have fever so as not to have to give her suppositories, and
3) REALLY hope she doesn't poop as it'd come flying straight towards me.

I took out the digital thermometer, and carefully took a reading. Thankfully only the shiny metal tip needs to be inserted, so it didn't bother her. Standing there, holding Morgan to make sure she doesn't move with one hand, and the thermometer with the other hand, I watched as the numbers on the thermometer's screen went higher and higher. "Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasenofeverpleasepleasepleaseplease," I kept thinking. The numbers slowed down. I held my breath. 37.1°C... 37.2°C... 37.3°C... 37.4°C... BEEP!

The reading showed she had no fever!

We've had a pretty relaxed morning so far - listening to music, cuddling up, playing and observing stuff.

I'll leave you with a couple of video clips of Morgan for now!

Morgan whimpering in her sleep [19 March 2012]

Morgan smiling and making her usual noises [21 March 2012]

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