Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Over the hills and far away

Today Morgan and I embarked on an Epic Adventure!

I found 3 toys for her off "What Baby Wants, Baby Gets," and decided she _must_ have them. I contacted the seller and made arrangements to meet up today at 4pm in Sliema.

My good friend Rose texted me in the morning and asked Morgan and myself for a date this afternoon. Needless to say, we accepted! Thus, our adventure began!

 Morgan and Friends - ready, set, GO!

I cleaned up Morgan and put her in a fresh change of clothes, fed her, sterilised and prepared her bottles, got ready and left home. This process tool me a couple of hours, more or less.
Thankfully the first bus arrived just as soon as we got to the bus stop. An employee of the bus company helped me get Morgan's pram on the bus, and I found out to my dismay I'd have to stand up next to her as the foldable seat I'd normally sit on was broken. Ah well.

We got to Valletta safely, and Morgan fell asleep in the process. The same employee helped us off the bus, and so I walked us over to our next bus's bay.

I felt pretty smug, walking with Morgan amongst the crowd. Knowing she's mine made me adapt a Gollum kind of silent attitude.
We got on the 2nd bus, whereby the driver was nice enough to pull up close to the pavement so I could get us on the bus easily. This time, the foldable seat wasn't broken so I got to sit down next to Morgan's pram as she slept. It was rather worrying at times, seeing the pram sway slightly when the bus went round sharp bends. We made it in one piece though, and an elderly dude helped me carry the pram, with Morgan in it, off the bus.

I met with the Toy Seller and had a brief chat with her about Mummy Stuff. Her son seemed to take a liking to Morgan. Who knows if they'll meet again in the future!

After money and toys swapped hands, we bid farewell to one another and went on our separate ways. I then decided Morgan should get to meet a prime specimen of the male Homo Sapiens, so we went to say hi to Kris, who was at work - this was Morgan's first exposure to a book shop!  On the way we bumped into Christina as well!
 We can both be spotted from miles away :D

After a brief chat with the lovely Kris, we made our way to the bus stop to go over at Rose's, which is where I met a Bus Company Employee that was nice, but looked either like a Wood Spirit, or what Pinocchio would look like had he still be wooden once middle aged. We waited for about half an hour, and then got on our third bus of the day. Morgan started stirring as it was time for her nappy change and feed, so thankfully our bus ride was a short one.
 Suddenly, a Wild Kris appeared!

Once at Rose's, I immediately attended to my Fairy's needs. Once her bum was dry, Rose fed Morgan her bottle, and we had awesome banter. Rose being Rose, she couldn't help but embarrass her son by implying Morgan is his future girlfriend and wife. It was also pretty awesome to see Adriel hold Morgan - he is possibly the first male to accept straight away and to appear to be A Natural at it.
I rather enjoyed watching Morgan interact with them two - she behaves in a unique manner with Rose. She kept trying to chew on Rose's face and nose (rather successfully, I must say) which led to our discovery that Morgan is already teething! I wonder how long it will take for her first tooth to emerge! It is rather sad, mind you, as this means my baby girl is growing up VERY quickly. That _is_ good, but I can't help wish she would remain my baby for a while longer!

It started getting late, and so we caught the bus back home at 7:30pm. We bid our farewells, and started the journey back home. We switched buses at Mater Dei Hospital, and Morgan quickly fell asleep, lulled by the bus's movements.

A while later, we finally got home, where we found my parents waiting for us on the bus stop. Once home, I changed Morgan into something more comfy, as did I, and we are now chilling in bed.

It has been a fun albeit tiring day. I look forward to more epic adventures with Morgan!


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