Sunday, 18 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

Today is the BIG Day - Morgan and I are going HOME!

I woke up at about 6.30am to feed Morgan and change her nappy, and right after the deed was done, I crashed again. I then woke up at about 9.30am-ish to be told that Morgan had stayed up for about an hour after I fell asleep, just staring at stuff and making her noises. Good girl!

My mum changed Morgan's nappy as the changer a friend gave me died on us a couple of days ago, and since the bed is quite low for me, my back ends up becoming a painful mess. Once all cleaned up, I fed Morgan, burped her and started gathering our last bits and bobs. This resulted in 6 bagfuls of stuff.

My mum, Morgan and I set off on our Pilgrimage to Paris.

Half-way there, it dawned on me! I had forgotten my phone and the charger! CRAP. I asked my mum to wait for me with Morgan at the Paola Playgrounds and I set off to go retrieve the forgotten Raspberry (my phone). Upon my return, Morgan and my mum were nowhere to be seen. I called my mum and she said she was a street away, waiting for me as Morgan "wanted to leave the playgrounds.". That's my mum's way of saying the smoking ban at the Playgrounds sucks and she opted to wait for me elsewhere.

We continued our journey, and made a pit stop at a cafeteria. Our stop didn't last long - just long enough for a coffee and a slice of pie. Mmmmmm pie.

At long last, WE ARRIVED! Paris had never seemed so homely yet daunting to me. "This is it," I thought - not without having Michael Jackson sing songs in my head.

This is the beginning of the rest of our lives. No back-up, no adult company, none of that - now it is just Morgan and myself.

My mum spent some time at my place with us to help me tidy up the back yard. She fed Morgan whilst I started putting away our things, but left soon after.

I'm happy to report that so far, things are well. Dusk is rapidly approaching and the dauntingness is increasing. Don't get me wrong - before we left hospital, it was just the two of us. However, nurses and midwives were close-by. This time, it will depend entirely on me 24/7.
It feels as if I started motherhood all over again - back to square one.

I'm far from done putting our stuff away, however I'm going to stop for now and just lay in bed with Morgan until her next feed is due. I need to pace myself in order not to tire myself out, otherwise I'm screwed.


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