Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Let's do the time warp again!

Earlier I started writing a blog post, which I never finished.  However, I now want to rant a bit, soi I'll return back to my unfinished entry later.

It is a known fact that I reckon the 80s were awesome and that music nowadays tends to suck.  I was pleasantly surprised by this track:

I like it. Not just because of the moobs.  The lyrics make sense, without being vulgar, and are made up of real words, using good grammar.  The video is simplistic, and interesting.  And, his voice reminds me of Peter Gabriel.  The track sounds like something Genesis could have come up with. Although more upbeat, it reminds me of one of the most beautiful songs I've ever stumbled across, namely:

Gotye's track is probably the only new song I've sincerely liked in years [excluding metal].  Whenever I'm at my parents' house, or my grandma's house, I check out the various music video channels and always hear crappy music, with sexualised videos to accompany them. 

Since when has it become necessary to have boobs hanging out, arses hanging out, and dance moves a stripper would use regularly during a night's work?  Yes, sex sells.  But seriously, is it REALLY necessary?

It makes me wonder - what the actual fuck?!

Singers are common role models- young children aspire to be like them.  How exactly did we  shift from finding adorable that a child does the moonwalk to finding adorable that a child can do the booty pop?

The worrying thing  is that  in spite of one's attempts at teaching children right from wrong and all that jazz, you as a parent are not the only person in their life.  They will be exposed to that kind of junk - either by other relatives who will be more lenient than you, or by peers especially once they are at school.

I can only hope that Morgan won't like the kind of over-sexualised crap that we're bombarded with nowadays.

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