Monday, 26 March 2012

Night Fever, Night Fever - We know how to do it

This is me reporting on Monday morning Sunday night following the night out. I started typing this blog entry yesterday morning, but it was a hectic day - which I ploughed and plodded through in zombie mode, powered by coffee. Well, bottom line is - I SURVIVED! Not only that, BUT! I managed to last til about 6:30am. And guess what? I DID NOT SUCCUMB TO NICOTINE TEMPTATIONS. Yay!!!

The gig was good fun, even though it may have seemed that I wasn't interested to anyone watching me type away furiously on my phone (which was me blogging). Following the gig, a stop at another bar was compulsory - which is where I encountered quite a lot of (mostly drunken) people I knew but hadn't seen in a while. That was good fun too.

Following that, a return to the first venue was made, where quite some time was spent - pretty much until closing time. This is when we discovered it had been raining - and still was drizzling! Ah crap. It was then that we decided to wait out the rain, aided by coffee and banter. Dawn was rapidly approaching, and so rain or no rain, the journey back home commenced.

This is where my legs threatened to turn into icicles. Somehow they limited themselves to doing just that - issue threats. Eventually, I got back home and found Morgan awake and about to be fed. I happily told her all about my night and how much I missed her. Thank Gods she _was_ awake otherwise I'd have been way too tempted to wake her up myself for that sole purpose!

I woke up 4 hours later, thanks to my mum bringing me coffee. It is her way of "sugar coating" the morning requests to do this and that I suppose. Ah well. I probably got sworn at for sending a text message and waking up the receiver, so it all balances itself out in the universe. You give some, you take some. *grin*

The morning was then followed by a flurry of tasks and somehow the day melted away quicker than an ice cube on a barbeque's flame.

I _did_ manage to watch bits and bobs from a Batman movie, an Asterix & Obelix movie, Meet The Parents and a couple of Simpsons episodes. Not one was watched from beginning til end, mind you. It makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to watch a movie in its entirety ever again.

Morgan slept most of the day so I feel as if we barely got to spend time together at all. Today I plan to make up for it though! Morgan is awake next to me, and I've been pestering her for the past half an hour already.

Yesterday, I only got to pester her during her bath time. See pictoral evidence!

Today, I've read this article - - which made me hang my head and shake it ever so sadly. Please, people who are giving birth this year, name your children with some consideration as they'll be Morgan's schoolmates and will therefore make my life hell trying to remember, pronounce and spell their names properly. Not to mention, it will be WAY HARD not to take the piss for me, let alone for other children! "Ah Cornish, you're scrumptious! Oh sorry, Cornis I mean." Which prompts me to declare "Mmmmmm pie."

Later today I should be hopefully getting some furniture that'll help the house look less like a nuclear explosion happened. Yay for extra storage space!

Oh, and one last thing - if anyone local gives their kidlets SMA formula, check out the promo they've got going on. You can swap the green scoop thingies for educational toys. Alas this doesn't apply to the regular formula milk I give to Morgan, which has yellow scoop thingies.

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