Thursday, 8 March 2012

Friends will be friends

Whoa. This is day 2 of writing a blog post which hasn't been submitted yet! That means I will have to try and finish it, and post it too, tomorrow. The reason for this delay is that I need to submit it from Hugh, as I need to include a fair amount of pictures and a video in it. Which means - keep your eye peeled!

Today was a hectic day where I didn't really get much time to do what I'd have liked to do. I did laundry, disinfected/cleaned/sterilised Morgan's toys, looked up some ideas for her room, fed and cleaned her, and little else.

This evening, she amazed me by downing the grand total of 200ml! Her usual bottle is 125ml. This means that tonight is likely to be busier than usual for me as I don't have the bigger 250ml bottles here - they're at home, and I'm still at my grandma's - therefore I will have to sterilise and prepare bottles in the middle of the night. Unless she sleeps all night - which she has done twice within this past week.

She has been more smiley than usual today, and I particularly love how she behaves when it is just the two of us. She has a habit of looking intently at me as if trying to figure me out. I really can't wait until it is just the two of us, at home. I thought I'd be terrified of the idea, and was a bit panicky over how I'd handle it. I'm sure I will have a second or two where I _will_ panic a tiny bit, but I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Yesterday we got to talk to Becca, a friend of mine, and her daughter Willow via Skype. Observing Willow flailing her arms all over the place and seeing Morgan watch her with a certain sombre expression was quite entertaining! I'm curious to see how they will interact with one another once they meet in person. Especially once they're a bit older and can be proper play mates whenever they are visiting (seeing as they live in Belgium). All I know is that Morgan is lucky she doesn't have the same chubby, rosy cheeks as Willow otherwise I wouldn't stop munching on them (even more than I already do)! Willow is a really cute baby girl. Becca & her partner will have quite a task to shoo away would-be suitors!

A number of people I know have had children within the past year or so. Even more people I know had children in the past 8 years. The majority are girls, but there are a few boys as well. It makes me wonder if any of them will ever date - and what kind of relationship Morgan will have with them, if she will have one at all.

And to conclude, I'll leave you with this tune:
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