Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but I..

Yesterday morning we had a doc's appointment with Morgan's Head Consultant person. As we were sitting in the waiting room, which was full of children, two Ursuline nuns walked in, with a boy and a girl.

Seeing them four made me think. I know how much it can suck for a Single Parent to see two-parent families walk by. I can somehow understand how a child can feel having only one parent present in their life. What I cannot imagine is how a child must feel to see other children with at least one parent in the picture when s/he has none.

My thoughts were interrupted by two priests/preachers who kept rambling on and on and on.
My thoughts about how annoying they were, were then interrupted by my mum telling me that she thinks Morgan's hair will be like some ginger girl's, who had just walked in. I must say she did have beautiful long wavy hair, bunched up in two long braids.
All of a sudden, my observations were interrupted once more by a loud BOOM. Some girl fell off a chair, making others around her gasp. Cue loud wailing.

Another interruption - priests/preacher dudes started rambling again. Thankfully they left after a short while. My attention then drifted off to a boy that kept running to and fro past us. I kept observing him only until the Waiting Room music started playing in my head. "Fiiiiiigaro Figarofigarofigarofigaro Figaro!"
At last, we were summoned to the doc's office. There were about 6 Med Students in the room observing. When weighed, it turned out that Morgan is now at 4.34kg, and her head's circumference is 38.7cm. Pretty impressive!

Since my mum hurt her foot, we couldn't take advantage of the sunny weather as much as I would have liked. We just stopped by at my sister's workplace on our way home, where I gave Morgan her bottle. That is where I noticed them. FRECKLES!!!!

Morgan's forehead is getting freckly! *gasp* The Ginger Force is strong in this one!

Today we took Morgan out with us for coffeetimes, and then the Exodus began. My brother picked me up, we loaded his car with the vast majority of our stuff, and took it over to my place. Once back at my Grandma's house, I took more things back to my place, this time with my sister's aid.

When I got back, I snuggled up with Morgan who was a bit cranky - I am positive she _is_ teething. She kept spitting out her dummy, and attacking my finger. She slobbered and sucked really hard on it. Yes, I know it sounds wrong - get your mind out of the gutter already.
Later on in the evening, she got to meet her dad for the first time thanks to Skype. She won't appreciate it now, but she will later on in life.

We are now about to embark in what will officially be our last night here before heading home. I can't wait! I am dreading returning home a tiny bit - the idea that I won't have any back-up there, and that it will just be the two of us scares me a bit. Wish us luck!

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