Monday, 12 March 2012

There is no place like home.

Yesterday I kept my mouth shut. Today, I'm going to bitch, rant, rave and vent.

I've had enough.

When you invite a new mother to stay over at yours, or make arrangements to go over at her's, to be able to give her a hand at learning the ropes, do it. Don't, instead, take advantage of her being around and ending up expecting her to look after everyone and everything.

If you're not a New Parent, you won't understand how stressful it all is. If you're not a parent at all, you're bound to think that it must all come natural and that Baby is merely a new play mate to be oohed and aahed upon. If you're an experienced parent, the stress related to it all will have become like an old troublesome hip injury that you learnt to live with a long time ago and don't really consider as being an issue. You get used to it with time, and forget how stressful it all is in the beginning.

Don't expect a New Mother to play host, if you're just over to visit. She will be solely focused on her child and will not have the energy to entertain you. Help her out instead. Not with Baby, with other stuff. Like house chores for example. Those chores that Gods know how many times she tried to do but had to abandon before they even got started because Baby needed her, or because she was too exhausted to attend to.

Even the Good Babies who sleep all night and are really quiet are demanding and tire the living shit out of you. Don't make the mistake of thinking that just because Baby isn't colicky and doesn't spend the whole day and night crying for no apparent reason, then the New Parent must have all the time and energy in the world to do their own thing and more.

On this note, I'll shut up and go warm up Morgan's bottle as she's due to be cleaned up and fed in 4 minutes' time.

Good day to all.

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  1. Being a parent is a very difficult full time job. I hope that the stress eventually becomes less constant. You are awesome and so is Morgan.