Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

"No shit, fuckin Sherlock!!!!!"
I walked towards the elevator screaming that to the sales girl, at the top of my lungs.

Of course, the screaming all occured in my head.

I'll start from the beginning, shall I?

Yesterday morning I had to go collect Morgan's birth certificate from the Public Registry. I was going to get a ride with my bro, but his plans changed so I bussed it instead. Silly me forgot all about the Shirt Predicament. I remembered only when, the moment I got on the bus, a couple of buses popped open, causing me to make a right tit of myself due to my forgetting I need to always wear a tank top or something underneath shirts.

Ah well. First stop:

2 minutes later, and €5 poorer, I had resolved the issue. See?

Admittedly, I paused on my way to the shop to check out some kidlet clothes in a shop within the same shopping complex. Managed to walk out bare-handed. Go me!
I made my way down to the Public Registry and thankfully didn't have to wait at all to be served.
Now, I know I had said I'd look into the whole How To Put A Guy's Name On A Birth Certificate After Him Being Left Out. Well, I couldn't be arsed looking into it. I may do if I'm motivated at a later date, or if I need to. I'll update you accordingly.

Once I had acquired the birth certificate (which cost €2.33), I made my way over to the M&S food shop. Coffee and sushi were had. NOM. Since I had yet another errand to run about an hour or so later, I decided it was time to get something useful for myself - a _good_ bra that _fits_.
Alas, no such luck was had at M&S as they only had ONE bra in the WHOLE store that was my size, and yet it didn't fit properly. I asked the salesgirl "Is this the ONLY 38G bra in the whole shop?" To which she replied "That is a difficult size to come by."

Which brings us in a full circle as to why I started this blog entry the way I did.
*Deep breath*

Not yet resigned, and with quite some time left to waste, I decided to try my luck at another Undies Shop.
Thankfully, the salesperson in there was WAY more helpful and actually had.. *gasp* a SELECTION of such ginormous sizes. Thankfully it was just me in the shop, since there was a blackout and I had to keep the changing room's door ajar to see wtf I was doing.

I walked out of the shop FIFTY FRIGGIN EUROS poorer. Having said that, I probably will be spending many more 50s in that shop. (That is the cost of a SINGLE bra :-/).

I ran to catch the bus and met the same person in Balzan as last week and bought more clothes for Morgan. Once the transaction was completed, I got the bus back home, and went over to my Grandma's, picked up our stuff and Morgan and walked it over to my place.

Once home, Morgan and I relaxed a bit and soon it was 10:30pm! Not having a clue where time flew off to, I fed Morgan and put her to bed. I read a bit from The Neverending Story to her - voices and all - and she listened quietly and attentively, and eventually fell asleep - as did I.
On a side note, I was made admin of The Pagan Mama yesterday. Since then, I've been busy keeping the page as active as possible since the other admins are in the USA. Whilst they're asleep, I'm awake. Therefore we get 24hr coverage now, which is pretty spiffy!

This morning, I got Morgan and myself cleaned up, fed Morgan, and made our way to Paola to catch the bus to Cospicua. The reason? Furniture Garage Sale!

I called the Bus Company's Call Centre first to check which bus was best to get, and the person taking my call was as clueless as me. Unsure of whether I'd be reaching my 1destination or not, I decided to give it a shot anyway.

I somehow managed to find my way - although it was quite a long walk - mostly uphill (where there was no pavement, so I was quite knackered by the end of it) and it was fruitful!

Et voila!

This, will be Morgan's new room - all that needs to be added is a mattress, some shelves and toy boxes. Working on the boxes bit though! The furniture will get delivered tomorrow afternoon. I now can't wait til the current furniture is taken away and we get to use the newly acquired one!
The moment we left the garage sale, Morgan was protesting as she was hungry. Thankfully my trustworthy phone helped calm her down - I put on music and stuck the phone next to her in the pram. The music put her to sleep, which meant I could get us to Paola without any hassles.

The journey back to Paola had a tiny incident where, whilst stuck in a bit of traffic, some Shipyard workers standing outside of a food shop started throwing kisses and making lewd gestures in my generic direction. I sighed, shook my head sadly and waved goodbye. It was so sad, it was borderline funny. You'd think a pram would act as a deterrent. Go figure!
Once in Paola, I stopped at a cafeteria in a shopping complex close to the bus stop, and fed Morgan and myself. Right after we were done, I managed to make use of the nappy changer in the handicapped toilets next door to the ladies' toilets. It looked like it had seen better days, so it was a bit daunting. At least it had a safety belt, so that made me feel a bit more at ease.

Once Morgan was all cleaned up, we made our way back home, and after a short while a friend came over for a bit, and whilst she was here, I fed and cleaned up Morgan again.

We are now finally relaxing a bit - listening to Practical Magic's soundtrack, whilst Morgan sleeps in her rocker.

Oh oh I almost forgot! I found a pair of purple fairy wings hanging from a tree branch on my way to the garage sale. They're awesome! They'll be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and put in Morgan's room.

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