Thursday, 15 March 2012

You drive me crazy

Yesterday was one of those days where time seems to speed up and no matter what you do, you're always losing the race against it.

I had an odd dream, where I was with someone and we got on a bus that took us to Denmark in less than half an hour and it only cost us 40c. As if a bus could do that.. Ah well, one can dream.

Earlier in the afternoon, my mum and I took Morgan for a stroll, involving coffeetimes. I bought her a teal cardigan, a dark blue sleeveless top/dress and teal jeans. Yay for heavily reduced prices! She wore her Winnie The Pooh hoodie for the first time today, and it fit her like a glove! 'Twas a gift from her Paternal Granny. Oh, and I also got her this cute red pinafore dress and purple long-sleeved top with a Monster face print on the front.

My precioussssss :D
I went over to my place to check the mail and tidy up a bit in preparation for our return whilst my mum looked after Morgan for me. I saw a woman drive by with a girl who was no older than 7 years, sitting in the FRONT seat, eating a yoghurt WITH A FRIGGIN METAL SPOON.

This, to me, brought mental images of horrible consequences should they be involved in a car crash.
Why is it that so many Maltese people insist on being irresponsible when it comes to assuring their children's /grandchildren's/ nieces'/ nephew's safety where cars are involved? I'm not sure if by Maltese law, booster seats are mandatory - if they're not, THEY SHOULD BE. It IS a life or death issue! Is it so bloody hard for these people to realise this?!

*/rant over*

Morgan has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning for a check-up. I'm anxious about it. She's perfectly fine to me, but you never know what doctors might say. At least I know that the doc in question is a bloody good one. He was _my_ paediatrician when I was young, and I probably owe him my life way more times than anyone cares to remember.

I will return to posting more regularly and more interestingly shortly - promise! I just need to move back home first.

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