Sunday, 29 January 2012

And then there were none

This has been a long day. I got here [i.e. Hospital] at about 10:30am. My bro and his fiancee drove my mum and myself over. We found the ward and "checked in".

My cousin who is a midwife in this particular ward took my details and stuff and we were made to wait a bit in the kitchen until my room became available as a previous patient hadn't "checked out" as yet.

Fast forward an hour or so, and the room was ready. Some med students came into the room to attach the monitor that would show us any contractions, Creature's heartbeat, and Fetal Movements. (See pic)

My mum kept me company throughout it, and then left at about 1pm. I then nodded off for about an hour and a half, only to be woken up in a very confusing manner.

Some nurse or something opened the door to my room and went "Sinjura, se titqarben?" (Which translates to "Mrs, are you going to partake of the Holy Communion?") I stared at her blankly and when "Eh?" So she repeated the question. I stared at her blankly a while longer and said "Errr.. No." Thus, she left.

A she-doctor then came into the room to ask me a few questions and get me to sign a consent form for them to be able to commence the induction since it does mean that there would be a slightly increased chance of a C-Section being required. Paperwork sorted and questions answered, I was then visited again by my cousin. We had banter, and then she had to return back to her duties. After a few moments, a very good friend of mine - Rose - came over to visit.

we had banter and my cousin rejoined us a while later. Rose decided she wanted to get me some food, so she scurried off to go get me pizza. In the meanwhile, my bro and his fiancee arrived and they brought goodies with them. After about half an hour, my elder sis arrived as well, also bearing noms.

Rose then returned with pizza, and a short while later a couple of friends also came to visit, bringing even more noms! I now know that I won't be starving to death whilst I'm in hospital.

We had banter, and slowly they all began to disperse and head back home.

I now am on my own, ready to face the first night. There is a baby crying somewhere but it sounds more like a distressed kitten to me than a tiny hoomin. Maybe some mother had kittens.

Tomorrow, they will be starting the process. I will update the blog accordingly!

Toodles x

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