Monday, 23 January 2012

A handful of bits and bobs

This has been a long day. Not having managed to sleep at all last night, house chores this morning were even more exhausting.  On the plus side,I managed to strip down the travel 'furniture' i.e. pram, pushchair and car seats, so that I could disinfect their fabric.

When it comes to the stripping down of such items, I would recommend  to get the assistance of an experienced person, such as a friend who has children below the age of 10.  The friend in question would still have a vivid memory of how it is done therefore speeding up the process.  Make sure you follow attentively what is removed from where, as the reassembly will be a nightmare otherwise.  If possible, get the friend to commit to come over to help you reassemble the 'furniture' should you not manage to do so by yourself.

I'm currently working  on another doll - the details of which will remain secret for the time being.  The reason is that I'm making 2 of the same - one for Creature, and one for a friend of mine who offered ever so nicely to make us a Nappy Bag.  I'm loving the large amount of handmade items Creature is accumulating.  I know s/he won't appreciate it for now, but when older, I'm sure s/he will appreciate the time, energy and effort put into the making of such items.

By the way, do you people recall the blog regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder?  I came across this article,which I though may be of interest.  Seems like psychiatrists are wrestling with the same question I ponder frequently myself - where does one draw the line between quirky/unusual and abnormal? Having said that,I feel that this revision is a step backwards.  We'll see how it will affect people worldwide I guess.

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