Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I can tell that the end of the road is near.  There have been bodily changes I've noticed over the past few days. Creature is still growing at a steady pace - I know because my belly started itching,meaning the skin is stretching even further.  Movements are still going strong.

Thankfully, s/he seems to have settled in an upside down L position for the past few weeks.   This does mean though that I'm off-centred, and that my right side gets all the kicks. S/he is getting somewhat cramped, meaning a kick is pretty visible, and I can actually feel the bottom of his/her foot clearly.I can distinguish the heel from the toes.  Creature seems to have pretty big feet! Just like his/her mother I guess!

S/he is in the process of engaging him/herself for birth, meaning there now is somewhat of a pressure happening down below.  It is also weird to feel punches so far down coming from inside! The building up of pressure means sitting down can be somewhat uncomfortable.  It is an odd ache to explain.  It somewhat resembles the achiness you feel after a good workout following along period with no physical activity whatsoever. Only, this is affecting the internal muscles of your Ladybits.

I'm constantly exhausted and insomnia is killing me.  I pretty much am trying to crash as much as I can whenever sleep threatens to overtake me.  My back is pretty achy, but my hips are aching even more.  It feels as if I need to crack them to get some relief... but I can't.

38 and a half weeks

I have also noticed a change in my skin - which is the major indication of hormonal changes.  Dry skin is  back with a vengeance,   and I'm getting spotty again.

Also, there have been changes when it comes to boobs as well.I can tell they're getting ready to turn me into a cow.  With their filling in [even more than usual], it gives the breasts a more perky stance [yay!] so for the last few moments of this pregnancy, I can stop feeling as if they were inches away from becoming my belly button's new neighbours.

Tomorrow will be a day of potentially swearing my head off at the pram/pushchair/car seats as I try to reassemble them- wish me luck!

Can't say 'boobies' without picturing this!


  1. Gaaaah so excited for you xxx

    1. me too! we're gonna nerd up the little baby! yay!! :D