Monday, 9 January 2012

My bonny lies over the ocean

The internet is a wonderful invention.  I owe a lot to whoever came up with the idea in the first place. A lot of knowledge was acquired, and a lot of relationships were established. 

Last night, a very good friend of mine told me of a very unusual encounter she had whereby a person she knew a while back is completely offline.  What that means is
  1. He does not own a PC 
  2. He has no profiles set up anywhere on the WWW 
  3. He doesn't own a smartphone or any other device that puts him online 
  4. He does not use anyone else's pc/laptop/smartphone/whatever 
  5. He does not steal wifi/use internet cafes 
  6. He has never ever been online and 
  7. Has no virtual footprint whatsoever.  
The thought of it was scary!
Nowadays, I cannot imagine myself living without the internet.  It enables me to have a relationship with people all over the world.  Yes, letters can achieve the same effect - I still recall the days when I had penpals.  However, it always felt like a monologue.  There is no real-time interaction.

Having said that, I do occasionally send and receive postcards and letters and greeting cards and gifts from friends spread all over the world whom I got to know online and still talk to regularly via technological means.

My point is this: I owe Creature's existence to the internet. 

The one invention I wish they'd create is teleportation devices.  As a Trekkie, I grew up amazed by the infinite possibilities such a device could provide.  From time to time, I look up information to see if there has been progress in the scientific fields that will bring us a step closer to having our own teleportation devices.  One can hope!

At times like these, I wish - really, REALLY wish - that one could email themselves over from one place to the other.  Most of the people I would want to be around are spread all over the place.  They live anywhere but here.  Thankfully there is still a handful of people on the rock that I enjoy being in their company.  Still, it does not makeup for those who cannot be here.

If you, like me, find yourself in this kind of situation - get a webcam and make your international loved ones invest in one as well.  That way, you can still spend time with them whenever possible.   I have plans in place where a friend from as far away as New Zealand would like to read stories to Creature via Skype.  Even when it comes to special occasions - Baby Showers, Baptism/Saining ceremonies - Xmas, New Year's, Birthdays - it makes it a tiny bit less sad not to be in physical proximity.

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