Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I have a dream

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the rain. I love the thunder, lightning, the pitter-patter of the rain and the different sounds it creates as it falls on different things.  Most of all, I love the way the air smells and the puddles.

I can't wait til Creature is old enough to enjoy the rain! I already know that I will be wanting to get us colourful wellies and some proper rainwear and go puddle jumping.  It has to happen. I've pictured it too many times to allow such fun to go by unattended to.

When I was younger, the whole rain experience was explained to me in a most fantastical way.  Thunder was the sound of Giants playing bowling.  And rain was angels peeing - according to my elder sister, at least. I still giggle over it every time I recall her serious expression whilst explaining it to me.  Lightning was the camera's flash as the Giants took photos either of their Bowling party, or of us mere mortals down here.

It also reminds me of the stormy seas - to me, the white foam of the crashing waves were Neptune's seahorses - which of course looked like land horses, only made out of water - and they were racing as they pulled his chariot.

Perhaps the stories I used to read along with the ones I was told helped me become so fond of these simple, natural things.  Every time it rains, or I see the stormy sea, I recall these stories and it always makes me smile.

I have every intention of passing down these images to Creature.  Too many parents are too caught up in everyday life to take the time to fuel their child's imagination.  No wonder children are relying more and more on technology!  A book, or a story being told, or even a simple game of dress-up, ends up being boring for the children who would rather be told what to imagine by TV and Video games.  Where is the joy in using one's own brain and initiative disappearing off to?

It isn't just my being an avid lover of books that makes me say this - but experience and observing younger generations.  The love for books is being lost, and with it, so is a huge chunk of children's imagination and knowledge. 

I recall my trips to the local public library very fondly - and I believe every child should be given the opportunity to experience the wonders and joys of being in such an awesome environment,  I know I look very very much forward to getting a library card for Creature. 

There is so much I look forward to sharing with him/her that if I were to start listing it all, I'd give birth and still not be done with typing the list.  Therefore,I'll leave it at that for now.  I'll just say that imagining it all is enough to make the most horrendous day all better again.

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  1. Hear, the rain too only problem is when it's raining I'm never inspired to work. I just want to spend the day readin, in a rocking chair, with hot chocolate...